• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Detail and Avedia strengthens the future of talent access in the media industry through annual internship and upskilling program


Leading player in the global media industry, Detail and Avedia Consulting reinforces its commitment to nurturing top talents and providing invaluable opportunities for growth through its annual Spring internship program.

The state of the growing global media industry portrays a future with ample room for embracing transformational technology. This spontaneous growth has found notable drivers in the industry like Detail and Avedia Consulting leveraging innovations such as artificial intelligence and generative technology as tools for productivity. It is therefore only logical that the current and emerging workforce are equipped with the skills to help them thrive in this ever-changing environment.

Detail and Avedia’s Spring Internship is an annual program designed to provide the best talents with the opportunity to be embedded in the evolving media industry and grow over time. The internship program is premised on the changing tides of the media landscape and has proven to be highly successful since it first launched in 2020.

According to Mr. Brian Edwards, the CEO of Detail and Avedia Consulting, the media consulting industry is a people-focused industry that thrives on a human workforce and their ability to develop in tune with major changes. In his words, “Nigeria is not starved of people and we just need to direct the potential they have and give them opportunities.”

The Spring Program can be likened to a talent-harvesting initiative where talented individuals within Nigeria and Africa as a whole are scouted and groomed to perform beyond their imagined potential. Mr. Brian further stated,

“We understand the changes that are incoming and how team shapes will be very different in the near future in terms of requirements needed in the media business going forward.”

Being a future-oriented organization, Detail and Avedia Consulting has set out to secure the future of talent by grooming capable professionals. The organization has also put modalities in place to upskill its existing workforce and make them more cutting-edge through active learning and development. In the words of the reputable CEO,

“No two people are the same. You have to consistently look for ways to improve people as you work with them.”

The program operates with simplicity and transparency, revealing its four-year growth blueprint where interns can become brand executives and managers who comfortably lead teams. Over the last four years, this program has progressively grown, accounting for the bulk of the company’s current workforce.

One of the beneficiaries of the Spring internship program, Uchechi Ogazi, now a brand manager, describes her three-year experience with the company. In terms of career advancement, Uchechi discussed the opportunity to gain hands-on experience as a social media intern and her transition into full-time employment after completing the program. She further stated:

“Virtual and physical training were unavoidable during my internship. And even now, as a brand manager, I recently completed an advanced employee development training, courtesy of Detail and Avedia.”

The Spring Program is unique because of its approach to inclusivity, recognizing the differences in work approaches between generations such as Gen Z and Gen Alpha. The prerequisites to qualify for this internship opportunity are intentionally broad, requiring only basic knowledge and skills in the designated role. The company pays more attention to core details such as keenness to learn and participants’ willingness to apply themselves to work hard.

The program has witnessed tremendous growth since it first kicked off four years ago, and while there is still much work to be done, the company considers it a success. They also reassure the public of their resilience in their quest to upskill and refine talents in the media industry.

Detail and Avedia Consulting is a leading business, media, and IT solutions provider dedicated to meeting its clients’ needs and delivering measurable value. With advanced technology and a team of seasoned professionals, Detail and Avedia Consulting has spearheaded the ideation and execution of an array of successful projects. Their unwavering dedication to talent empowerment has also seen them at the forefront of initiatives targeted at upskilling talents in the global media industry.