• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Descasio Leads the Digital Transformation Journey for SMEs and Startups with New Assessment Tool Launch

Descasio Leads the Digital Transformation Journey for SMEs and Startups with New Assessment Tool Launch

As part of Descasio’s strategic plan to close the gaping distance between the current position of many African businesses and the attainable level of digital growth, Descasio has launched its proprietary Digital Transformation Assessment Tool. With this solution, organizations across all industries can determine their level of readiness for embracing technology, and find out key areas within their organization where strategic changes can be effected to drive digital growth.

10 Times Growth

Commenting on the importance of the assessment, Busayo Oladejo, Technical Product Manager, Descasio said, “Businesses that adopt digital solutions relevant to their business goals are 10x more likely to guarantee customer satisfaction and hit their profit target. This places them at an advantage over businesses that have chosen to maintain their traditional modes of operation and others who adopt technology without adequate insight.”

“To make the switch from traditional to digital or keep pace with transformative changes, most businesses typically have to engage high-priced consultants in order to measure their level of digital maturity and readiness for transformation. However, our Digital Transformation assessment Tool enables small and medium-sized businesses to take ownership of that process and assess their own maturity profile in record time. We are excited at the opportunity to serve these businesses in this way,” she concluded.

Infinite Opportunities

The pandemic has spurred many business owners into recognizing the infinite opportunities that exist in the digital space and the need for digital strategies in leveraging these opportunities. However, businesses that have adopted technology during this space without any underlying insight or strategy but the sheer need to stay in the competition have found themselves frustrated from being unable to justify their digital spend.

Many organizations have found themselves struggling to hold on to the new changes. This points to a low level of readiness to be transformed or influenced by technology. A lot of these organizations are unaware of where they stand in the journey towards becoming more open to the influence and opportunities that exist in the digital world, making it difficult for them to determine the best line of action in responding to the disruptions that are taking place within their environment.

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“In today’s world, digital is no longer an option for businesses looking to gain or maintain a competitive edge. It has rather become a necessity for sustainability,” said Desacsio’s Chief Strategist, Gbemisola Ajayi.

The Digital Transformation Assessment tool by Descasio is positioned to provide the underlying insight for businesses to build their technology adoption strategies upon. The tool is only the first in a suite of solutions that Descasio plans to roll out in furtherance of its agenda of bridging the gap between the current position of African businesses and the attainable level of digital growth and profitability.

At the end of the Digital Transformation Assessment, users will get a report on their digital maturity level as well as actionable recommendations on steps to move forward and ensure return on investments in tech solutions to meet the organizations’ goal.

To take Descasio’s digital assessment and kickstart your journey towards reaping the benefits of the Digital space, visit https://assessments.descasio.io/.

About Descasio

Descasio is an African leading technology solutions provider with a clear-cut mission of transforming businesses through technology.

Descasio delivers value to small, medium and large sized businesses across various industries. The company has a strategic goal to propel organizations to new heights in their business journeys and give them a competitive advantage in the global scene through technology.

For over a decade, Descasio has enabled several companies in and out of Africa to achieve their desired results by helping them harness the limitless opportunities existing in technology.