• Monday, June 24, 2024
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Colgate’s “Let’s Have a Talk” TVC Makes Smiling Fun Again


Colgate’s latest TVC is a breath of fresh air that has taken the oral care space by storm.


They gave the center stage to kids and based the TVC around a research where Colgate found that 60% Nigerians above 35 years of age have lost a tooth or missing teeth due to poor oral hygiene. In Nigeria, we have an attitude where we don’t fix things until they’re broken beyond use.

Colgate brilliantly uses kids to remind elders that they need to take care of their pearls. The gapped smiles by the kids in the commercial are a metaphor to remind us that missing teeth are cute on kids- their teeth will grow back.
However, as an adult, if you don’t brush regularly, your tooth loss is permanent.

Colgate did a fantastic, good job in reminding us that a bright, healthy smile is the ultimate accessory, a confidence booster that can open doors and spread joy wherever you go.

Link to Video https://we.tl/t-bhhSq5sIeH