• Friday, March 01, 2024
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Colgate unveils ‘MyToothDoc’: The AI dentist and grants one million naira for research in Nigeria

Colgate unveils ‘MyToothDoc’: The AI dentist and grants one million naira for research in Nigeria

In a momentous stride towards improving oral health, Colgate Nigeria, the world’s most chosen toothpaste, proudly reaffirms its commitment to fighting tooth cavities and advancing oral care in Nigeria. The toothpaste giant has generously sponsored the International Association for Dental Research’s (IADR) research efforts in preventive oral care by granting a substantial grant of One Million Naira annually for an impressive five-year period.

This significant contribution highlights Colgate’s dedication to advancing oral healthcare through collaborative research initiatives. The grant was recently awarded at the grand celebration of IADR’s 20th anniversary, themed “Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry.”
At the IADR conference, attendees witnessed the unveiling of “Colgate MyToothDoc,” an unprecedented Oral Care AI Chatbot on WhatsApp. This cutting-edge marvel, endorsed by the Nigerian Dental Association, demonstrates Colgate’s commitment to innovation. Utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence, “MyToothDoc” provides Nigerians with free oral health checks, delivering personalized treatment recommendations with unprecedented ease, all from the comfort of their homes and with just a few clicks on WhatsApp.

The success of this tool is evident, with an impressive 85% of users finding Bot’s advice insightful and further choosing Colgate as their toothpaste. The conference echoed with praise and commendations for this innovative platform.

In a commendable demonstration of Colgate Nigeria’s dedication to dental excellence, the company awarded a grand One Million Naira to the winner of the IADR contest Dr Francis Omotayo Fagbule of UCH Ibadan for his cluster randomized controlled trial on the Effectiveness Of Oral Health Promotion Intervention In Preventing Oral Health Problems Among Children Living In Orphanages In Ibadan, Nigeria.

This significant announcement sparked joy and jubilation within the dental community, further emphasizing Colgate’s commitment to fostering excellence in the field.

Addressing the conference, Miss Deksha Gupta, the Brand Manager of Colgate Nigeria, expressed her joy at participating in this year’s IADR conference. Gupta eloquently stated, “In Nigeria, the Japa wave has impacted the number of trained dental professionals, coupled with a lack of affordability and access to dental care. For Colgate, oral health goes beyond eradicating dental issues; it is about ensuring that everyone deserves a future they can smile about.”

Colgate’s collaboration with IADR marks a transformative era in the landscape of oral healthcare, where innovation aligns with a commitment to crafting a future where bright smiles illuminate every horizon.

Also speaking at the conference in her address to the media, Professor Omolara Uti, the President of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) in Nigeria, expressed her satisfaction and enthusiasm about the collaboration with Colgate. She highlighted the rewarding and exciting nature of the partnership, emphasizing that the decision to join forces with Colgate was not taken lightly.

Prof. Uti elaborated on the reasons behind choosing Colgate as a partner, emphasizing the alignment of values between the association and the renowned toothpaste giant. She underscored Colgate’s dedication to advancing oral healthcare through collaborative research initiatives, making it the ideal collaborator for the IADR.

A key point of significance in this partnership was the commitment made by Colgate, wherein the brand pledged a substantial grant of One Million Naira annually. Prof. Uti reiterated that this financial support from Colgate would extend over an impressive five-year period. This commitment, according to Prof. Uti, stands as a testament to Colgate’s genuine dedication to supporting the advancement of dental research and the improvement of oral health care standards in Nigeria.