• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Charles Scott-Emuakpor: A Visionary Leader Paving the Way for Tech Innovation in Africa, Asia and Latin America

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In the ever-evolving realm of technology and innovation, Charles Scott-Emuakpor emerges as a visionary leader, steering the course for groundbreaking advancements. Armed with a robust educational background, including a first degree in Information & Communications Technology from the University of Gloucestershire (UK) and an MBA from Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University (UK), Charles embodies a fusion of academic excellence and hands-on expertise.

In a conversation with Businessday Charles shared insights from his journey through the corporate world into entrepreneurship. “Every venture, from my first startup at Ovilaj Autos to pioneering initiatives at Huawei, has been a chapter in my ongoing education”. His tenure at Huawei, spanning from 2019, saw him in pivotal roles, leading departments and initiatives that contributed significantly to the company’s global footprint.

“Being part of Huawei’s global business efforts and initiatives like the Tech-4-all Open programme in partnership with UNESCO, and leadingHuawei’s Smart Devices ecosystem via the Global Eco-Development Dept. from England were humbling experiences. These allowed me to contribute to bridging the innovation gap in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, bringing improved solutions to our users, and technology to communities that need it the most.” He expressed.

Experiences in the Tapestry of Innovation:

Charles Scott-Emuakpor’s professional narrative unfolds as a tapestry of impactful roles. The establishment of Ovilaj Autos in 2007 marked the inception of his entrepreneurial journey. Subsequent chapters saw him at the helm of Prime 5D Centre in 2014, London’s first commercial Virtual Reality (VR) center, where he spearheaded immersive experiences. As General Manager at IDG (UK), he led projects across Europe, Australia and North America, contributing to the growth of immersive technology.

Reflecting on his diverse experiences, Charles shared, “Entrepreneurship with Ovilaj IT Global showcased my commitment to software solutions. Founding Prime Teknologies (UK) Ltd in 2019 was a deliberate move to explore the evolution and innovation in tech, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual & Augmented Reality technologies more extensively.”

Charles on Recognition and Leadership:

Charles Scott-Emuakpor’s journey at Huawei has been defined by leadership roles, recognition, and a commitment to innovation. He shared, “Wearing various hats at Prime Tek and at Huawei, from Wearable Devices to HarmonyOS and AppGallery, and leading in areas like Huawei Cloud, Smart Devices and Technology research, allowed me to contribute to multifaceted growth.”

Recognition and leadership, according to Charles, extend beyond titles. “It’s about fostering an environment where innovation thrives. At Prime Teknologies, we envision creating an ecosystem where talent collaborates, and ideas flourish,” he emphasized.

Prime Teknologies’ Vision for Innovation:

Under Charles Scott-Emuakpor’s leadership, Prime Teknologies envisions a transformative role in harnessing emerging technology. Charles stated, “Our team of innovators and IT engineers is dedicated to exploring the vast potential of AI, Virtual Reality, IoT, Smart Health tools, non-invasive Wearable technology, and more. We aspire to redefine industry standards and create solutions that resonate globally.”

In Charles’ words, “Prime Teknologies is at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is not just to adapt to change but to lead it, across all industry sectors.”

Tech Empowerment Initiatives in Nigeria:

In 2017, Charles initiated a transformative tech program at his alma mater in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. This program aimed to empower students by introducing smart devices and immersive technologies into the curriculum. Beyond providing gadgets, Charles created a unique train-the-trainer guide to assist teachers in effectively integrating these tools. Personally engaging with students, he immersed them in interactive science VR scenarios and provided smart devices with AR experiential learning tools.

Simultaneously, Charles established a self-funded scholarship program benefiting students from primary through secondary levels, demonstrating his commitment to nurturing the next generation. Charles commented, “Investing in our youth’s future is crucial, providing them with the tools and opportunities to excel in the ever-evolving technological landscape”.
The tech program and scholarship initiative was aimed at equipping students with practical skills and educational support, fostering a generation capable of navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by advancing technology.” He explained.

Charting the Future:

As Charles Scott-Emuakpor continues to spearhead innovation, he shared his perspective on the future. “Innovation isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. Prime Teknologies simply aims to be a vehicle that helps to drive this dire necessity, influencing the tech landscape across Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Our goal is to leave an indelible mark on the continent’s IT industry.”

Looking ahead, Charles expressed his genuine desire for Nigeria to become a major player in global technology, transcending its role as a healthy consumer. He underscored the overarching objective of these articles – to introduce an unfamiliar Nigerian face to the people of Nigeria, someone committed to supporting leaders, governments, commercial and private entities in driving technology adoption, fostering technology creation, and fueling indepth research into innovation and emerging technologies for local production and digital transformation. Charles emphasized, “I don’t want to be known as a successful contributor to spaces that do not serve my people entirely. It’s time to bring all that expertise, mindset and global network and join forces with the current Nigerian expertise to form a mastermind and grow Technology in Nigeria and Africa.”

To kickstart this mission, Charles revealed his plans to return to Nigeria next month, February, with the intention of actively supporting ongoing initiatives in the space, like the upcoming Innovate Nigeria conference & expo 2024 in Lagos. He aims to demonstrate his support for ongoing efforts to infuse technology into accelerating businesses, the appetite for more foreign investments in the sector, and encouraging the Nigerian youth, especially women, in tech.