• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Celebrating the 60th birthday of Dr Emmanuel Aderemi Awode: A remarkable journey of achievement and philanthropy

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Engr. Dr Emmanuel Aderemi Awode, the esteemed Group Managing Director of Chemstar Paint Industry, renowned for its exceptional (Finecoat Paints), and the distinguished 2021 Lagos State Man of the Year, is set to mark his 60th birthday on the 7th of September 2023.

Dr Awode’s legacy is not just confined to his professional accomplishments, but extends to his role as a prominent philanthropist. His commitment to giving back to society is exemplified by his various initiatives that have touched numerous lives.

One of his remarkable achievements this year was the organization of a pilgrimage to the Holy land of Israel, where he led over 75 individuals on a spiritually enriching journey. This act of benevolence highlights his deep-rooted dedication to supporting others on their spiritual quests.

Engr. Dr Emmanuel Aderemi Awode’s influence extends far beyond his position in Chemstar Paint Industry. As the CHAIRMAN/Chief Executive Officer of Chemstar Group, his visionary leadership has propelled the company’s growth in diverse sectors, including paint and plastic products manufacturing, agriculture, trading, and haulage services.

Notably, his significant impact in the real estate realm, particularly within the Ikoyi and Lekki areas, underscores his wide-ranging success and influence in business development and administration.

The Chemstar Group, under his astute guidance, has been honored with several prestigious international awards, affirming its excellence and contributions to various industries.

Yet, beyond his professional triumphs, Dr Awode’s heart for social responsibility beats strong. His philanthropic endeavors are carried out through the REMI AWODE FOUNDATION (RAF), through which he addresses societal needs and empowers individuals for a better tomorrow.

Often referred to as a silent achiever, Dr Awode’s accomplishments speak volumes, resonating through both his business achievements and his selfless contributions to society. As he reaches this milestone of 60 years, it’s a moment not only to celebrate his success but also to recognize his enduring commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of many.

Happy 60th Diamond Jubilee Birthday, Dr. Awode Emmanuel Aderemi!

Signed by;
Mr. Edwin Eyewumi Agbodu
MD/CEO of Future Homes Properties