• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Camberwall Advantage 5 Open House: A showcase of elegance, exclusivity and luxury living


With over 600 housing units under its belt, it is no surprise that the latest development of Veritasi Homes is firmly rooted in the brand’s tagline – Creating Better. The fifth instalment of the Camberwall Advantage Series, Camberwall Advantage 5, like its predecessors, seeks to offer an unparalleled experience, combining exclusivity with functionality.

The Open House is an event to showcase a completed unit of the property held On the 15th and 16th of December, 2023, at Camberwell Advantage 5. The carefully curated event brought together hundreds of realtors and prospective clients, giving them an immersive experience of the grandeur Camberwall Advantage 5 embodies. From personalised guided tours of the property’s luxurious spaces to interactive sessions with the architects and designers, the event provided an insight into the ethos that makes Camberwall Advantage 5 more than just a property investment.

Located off Freedom Way, Lekki Phase 1, the development comprises 4-bedroom terraces, each with an exclusive boys’ quarters and a dedicated gym or study space. In addition, the homes come with a range of bespoke features that define the pinnacle of modern living. Among them were the remarkable ensuite rooms, top-of-the-range surveillance systems that ensured residents’ safety and peace of mind, a swimming pool for relaxation moments, and a seamlessly integrated power supply.

Nola Adetola, the CEO of Veritasi Homes and Properties, spoke about the project at the Open House. He said, “Camberwall Advantage 5 stands as an exemplary benchmark for our world-class constructs – to meticulously turn dreams into reality through real estate. When we started the Camberwall Advantage series, we aspired to craft durable, timeless and functional buildings. We wanted to give value to all our stakeholders regarding comfort and luxury, not compromising on sustainability while redefining the Nigerian real estate landscape. We can confidently say that in Camberwall Advantage 5, we have curated homes that deliver all of this, giving residents more value for their money.

The event was also well attended by stakeholders who spoke glowingly of the development. Mr. Useni, the president of Ultimate Vibrant Realtors Group, expressed his awe at how unique the project was. He said, “Stepping into Camberwall Advantage 5 was like stepping into a whole new space. Every room and corner spoke of the deliberate measures taken to build the best”. He also praised the Veritasi team for a job well done and for keeping their word to deliver excellent quality. Mr Folajomi Ibrahim gave accolades to the brand and encouraged them not to rest on their oars as they have set new industry standards for others to follow.

Echoing the sentiments of those present, Mr Tobi Yusuff, a director at Veritasi Homes, shared his excitement. “It is an absolute privilege to work on visionary projects like Camberwall Advantage 5, as it is a testament to our unwavering commitment towards creating exceptional living spaces that stand out from the rest”.

Veritasi Homes & Properties Limited is one of Africa’s fastest-growing property development companies of 2023 (Ranked by Financial Times), disrupting the industry by delivering world-class, innovative, value-driven properties and exceptional living spaces in choice locations with a focus on customer satisfaction.