• Friday, July 19, 2024
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Burger King’s Halal Certification Reflects Global Standards

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Burger King Nigeria, a global fast-food chain that recently started operating in Nigeria has received certification from the Halal Certification Authority, for all its stores nationwide, as part of its ongoing efforts to meet the highest international standards for product quality.
Halal Certification Authority is a foremost Islamic regulatory body and the only recognized certification and quality assurance organization required to obtain trade authorization in 117 countries of the world.

The CEO of Allied Food and Confectionary Services Limited (The franchise for Burger King in Nigeria) Rushdi Ibrahim notes that this is another major milestone in the company’s commitment to uncompromising customer satisfaction.

“The HALAL certification attests that food is produced in compliance with the precepts of Islamic law, that it does not include any ‘forbidden’ components and has in no way been in contact with any substances or objects considered ‘impure’. This process fully aligns with our commitment to providing high-quality products globally,” the CEO said.

The rigorous certification process involved a thorough audit conducted by Halal Auditors, ensuring compliance with Islamic laws throughout the production chain.

The audit was carried out using the following standards as a guide: OIC, SMIIC 1: 19, OIC, SMIIC 6: 2019, ISO, HACCP, FSSC, WHO and FAO. The areas covered by the audit include the Receiving point, Dry storage, Chillers, Freezers, Kitchen, and a water treatment plant.

Commenting further on the development, the CEO stressed that the Halal Certificate covers the Halal Aspect and the Compliance with Food Safety Standards. “The procedure was a detailed inspection of the entire production facility, including items storage, prepping process, and packaging area, to verify compliance with the applicable HALAL standards,” he said.

Giving more details on the audit, Burger King’s Compliance Manager Adebisi Akinyemi explained that the Halal certification audit process took a period of time.

“The audit was performed to evaluate what is Halal and what is not Halal in the raw materials production process and finished products, the implementation of the provisions of halal standards, additives that are Halal and wholesome as well as compliance with food safety standards,” Mr. Akinyemi explained.

Beyond meeting statutory food laws, Burger King takes additional measures to uphold the highest international product quality standards. Critical control points in the food preparation process are identified, and robust monitoring procedures are in place. Trained staff actively recognize potential hazards and promptly report deviations from established protocols. Surprise audits are conducted regularly to ensure continuous compliance.

The Halal certification contributes significantly to Burger King Nigeria’s positioning as a truly world-class company. With this, it’s clear that all products from Burger King assure consumers all over the country that the products served are hygienic and follow halal procedures.

For more information on Burger King Nigeria, kindly visit the company’s website (https://order.burger-king.ng/) or follow BK Nigeria on social media @burgerkingnga