• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Budmall is enabling Nigerians in the diaspora shop for family and friends back home

Budmall is enabling Nigerians in the diaspora shop for family and friends back home

Nigerians in the diaspora can now shop for family and friends back home and have food and other consumables delivered to them anywhere in Nigeria within 48 hours.

Budmall.ng an e-commerce startup is enabling Nigerians in diaspora to conveniently shop for the needs of their loved ones across Nigeria. With operations in Nigeria, China, US, UK
and Europe, Budmall.ng has positioned itself at the intersection of e-commerce and logistics.

According to the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), about 75% of funds sent home are used to put food on the table, cover medical expenses, school fees or housing expenses. Budmall.ng is an online store that makes it convenient for Nigerians abroad to purchase food and other essential household items for loved ones back home. It stands out as a user-friendly platform where customers can order, pay and have their items delivered to the address of their choice within Nigeria. Customers can also pay utility bills for family members, and buy airtime and data for their loved ones in Nigeria directly on Budmall.ng

According to the Chief Operating Officer, Etimbuk Bassey, “Budmall has developed a sourcing and logistics framework in partnership with manufacturers to ensure consumables are delivered to families. Nigerians in the diaspora using the service are rest assured their families back home will receive items purchased on the website within 48 hours anywhere in Nigeria.”

He further stated that “Budmall.ng offers a wide range of high-quality products from food to drinks, beauty, personal care products and household items at competitive prices as they are sourced directly from manufactures and top distributors in the country”.

The platform leverages an advanced logistics framework to ensure products are delivered on schedule across Nigeria. Budmall.ng customers can pay for items with their international credit and debit cards across Canada, USA, UK and Europe.

Visit Budmall.ng now to shop for family and friends in Nigeria.

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Budmall.ng is a product of Bud Infrastructure LLC a registered company in the United States of America. As a team, we are committed to customer satisfaction and work tirelessly to ensure customer experience is seamless from sign up to product delivery.