• Friday, June 14, 2024
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BlockDAG Unveils Enhanced Account Modules in 41st Dev Release Amid Anticipation For 1000% Price Surge


BlockDAG is successfully paving the way for new standards in the blockchain industry with its 41st Development (Dev) Release. The latest Dev Release features how the BlockDAG continues to refine the decentralised technology, enhancing the account module crucial for managing balances and ensuring seamless network synchronisation. BlockDAG’s dedication to efficiency is evident in the ongoing efforts, which have significantly impacted the BlockDAG presale, which has crossed $37 million. The current Batch 16 is priced at $0.0095 but will soon see an immense hike in the next batch, bringing a 1000% price increase from Batch 1.

BlockDAG Value to See Massive Hike; Presale Hits $37M

BlockDAG has consistently upheld high service standards, simplifying the investment process and subsequent follow-ups for investors. A key factor in this convenience is the newly launched Dashboard feature on the website. This feature offers investors a comprehensive view of their wallets, including an animated version of their individual investment scale. This animation provides accurate wallet values and indicates the additional investment needed to unlock new levels, ranging from crabs to Whales. These levels foster a competitive spirit among investors, enhancing their engagement.

The innovative Dashboard features have significantly boosted presale numbers. BlockDAG is currently in batch 16, with the coin price at $0.0095. However, this price is set to increase substantially in the upcoming Batch 17, where the coin price will be $0.011, marking a remarkable 1000% price evolution from Batch 1.

With less than 90 hours remaining before this significant price change, BlockDAG’s total earnings have reached $37 million. This impending price hike shows the dynamic growth and evolving value of BlockDAG, making it a compelling opportunity for investors.

BlockDAG’s 41st Dev Release: Innovations Explored

BlockDAG’s 41st Dev Release focuses on the enhancement of decentralised technology. The current focus is on implementing the account module, a crucial component for managing accounts and balances within BlockDAG. This task has proven more complex than anticipated, presenting challenges in balancing decentralisation with scalability and synchronising account balances across the network. Despite these hurdles, innovative solutions are being explored and collaboration with experts is underway to ensure robust and effective outcomes.

Substantial progress is being made on the BlockDAG blockchain explorer, BlockDAGScan. A microservices architecture has been adopted to maintain a scalable and organised codebase. The operational API gateway routes requests to the appropriate microservices. The user interface, designed with Figma, emphasises simplicity and usability, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices.

The backend development team evaluates various language options to find the best fit for the event-driven architecture, focusing on library support and performance. This careful consideration ensures the delivery of a reliable and efficient BlockDAG explorer. Commitment to a user-friendly experience is evident as steady progress is made toward development goals.

On the X1 Miner front, an enhanced user onboarding feature is being introduced. The new Invite Feature allows users to easily invite friends, family, and fellow crypto enthusiasts to join the X1 Miner community directly from the app.

BlockDAG Sets New Standards in Crypto Market

BlockDAG’s continued success in redefining blockchain standards is further reflected in the monumental 41st Dev Release. The relentless commitment to refining its decentralised technology is achieved through enhancing the account module for optimal balance management.

As the presale in Batch 16 is charging ahead with a coin price of $0.0095, anticipation builds towards Batch 17, which is projected to deliver a 1000% price surge from Batch 1. This combination of innovative development and robust market performance encapsulates BlockDAG’s vision, ensuring it remains a compelling choice for investors eager to partake in a blockchain revolution marked by efficiency and growth.

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