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Best App to sell Apple gift cards in Nigeria

Best App to sell Apple gift cards in Nigeria

Looking for where to trade your Apple gift cards? This article addresses the best app to sell Apple gift cards in Nigeria.

Apple has three different types of gift cards which are the Apple gift card, the App Store & iTunes gift card, and the Apple Store gift card. Generally, Apple gift card has a good rate when converted to naira.

Most gift card traders prefer trading on mobile apps compared to websites. This could be attributed to how convenient mobile apps are, security systems like two-factor authentication or fingerprint enabled, and also push notifications to be aware of updates in real-time.

Nosh is the perfect mobile app for gift card trading in Nigeria. Continue reading to find out more.

Best App To Convert Apple Gift Cards To Cash Instantly

Nosh is the best app to trade Apple Store gift cards in Nigeria. The mobile app encompasses all features necessary to ensure a seamless trading experience for you. You can easily install the app from AppStore or PlayStore. The sign-up process is simple and swift. Check out the amazing features of the Nosh app below:

User-friendly Interface

The Nosh mobile has a great user interface and user experience. Even as a new user, you can easily find your way on the app. Whether you want to sell gift cards, buy gift cards, or make bill payments, these processes are simply straightforward.

High-end security

Your gift card information and personal details are secured on the app. There is a system enabled to ensure you are not vulnerable to cyber attacks or fraud.

Best rates

Compared to the competitors, Nosh ensures to provide the best rates for its users. A recent feature also allows you to set a rate alert on the app.

Swift transaction

Bye-bye to slow transactions when you trade with Nosh. Each transaction takes an average of 5 minutes to complete.

Guaranteed payment

One of the worries of gift card traders is the dubious acts of scammers disguising themselves as gift card trading platforms online. You have nothing to fear as Nosh has proven to be reliable and trustworthy over time. Customer reviews online also approve of this fact.

Constant customer support

The need for available customer support irrespective of the time cannot be refuted. The Nosh customer support team is ready 24/7 to tend to your needs.

How To Sell Apple Gift Card In Nigeria

Interested in converting your Apple gift cards to cash? Follow the steps outlined below:

The first step is to download the Nosh mobile app to register an account.
Once you’ve registered an account, you will get a mail to verify your email address/account.
Do that and sign in with your details.
Click on the “Sell Gift Cards” section.
The next action is to input your card details like your gift card name, the subcategory of your Apple gift card, and the amount you want to sell.
Upload the picture of your Apple gift card. Ensure it has not been redeemed before.
Finally, swipe to sell.

How Much Is A $100 Apple Gift Card In Naira

At the moment, a $100 Apple gift card in Nigeria ranges between 37, 000 Naira to 42, 000 Naira. This price range may not be the same in the next hour. This is due to various factors that determine the rate of a gift card. They include the demand and supply of the gift card, the dollar-naira exchange rate, and the gift card trading platform. This is why it’s important to use a platform that offers the best rates no matter what. Regardless of all these factors, Nosh offers the best rates for all gift cards including Apple gift cards. You can leverage the rate calculator on the Nosh website or mobile app to check the current rate and how much you will get if you sell your Apple gift card.

How To Check Apple Gift Card Balance

It’s quite easy to check the balance on your Apple gift card. The steps below will show you how.

Checking The Balance Through Apple Website

Visit the Apple gift card balance page.
Sign in with your Apple ID.
Enter your gift card PIN. Note that this isn’t the same as your gift card number.
Click on the “Check Balance” button.

Checking The Balance Through Customer Support

Another to check your Apple gift card balance is by contacting Apple customer support. Place a call to 1-800-275-2273 and the available representative will attend to you. You will be required to provide your card details which will be used to check the available balance on their system.


No more worries when it comes to choosing the ideal gift card trading app for your Apple gift cards. Your ideal application is the Nosh mobile app. Fear of being scammed or experiencing slow transactions is bygone. If you need to make an inquiry, you can easily contact the team’s customer support via live chat or simply call +234 812 534 9466.