• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Banking as a Service startup Bloc debuts business banking services for African businesses

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Bloc, a financial service technology startup, launches a flagship business banking product that lets organisations access simple to advanced financial services for their businesses. This launch marks a new phase in the company’s mission to help businesses take advantage of the numerous opportunities in the global market.

Bloc’s customers will be able to access essential banking services such as corporate bank accounts, transfers, and virtual cards, which will be powered by licenced banks such as Bloc Microfinance Bank, Providus Bank, and Sterling Bank.

Alongside the essentials, Bloc Business Banking will provide advanced features and value-added services to maximize the average customer’s banking experience with Bloc. USD accounts, accepting payments globally, bill payment, custom checkout, and payment links are some of the features customers will enjoy as Bloc continues to roll out in the coming months.

For the past two years, Bloc has powered hundreds of startups who needed to embed financial services into their product via our Banking-as-a-Service infrastructure. And now, we are providing a full-service business banking solution to help them manage their revenue — and finances — as they grow with the Bloc infrastructure.

To get your account, all you need to do is sign up on Bloc by visiting https://app.blochq.io and providing basic details to get your account opening started. You’ll be required to provide details to verify your business, and once it is verified, you are good to go.

The possibilities with Bloc are endless.

“We understand the challenges businesses face when managing their finances, and we think we can do a great job helping them do it seamlessly, ” said Edmund Olotu, CEO and founder.

As an API company, we’ve worked closely with startups and non-tech businesses for the last two years to learn their problems with the financial services readily available today. “Businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce their risk, improve how they spend money, keep and grow their deposits, and maximise their overall financial operations,” Edmund said. “Bloc wants to provide a partnership experience built on quality banking services to these businesses regardless of their growth stage.”

Edmund described the possibilities for customers with Bloc as endless.

He said, “The future is endless for Bloc’s customers. Today, we start by providing essential banking services to these businesses, ensuring we become the best at making them happy. Tomorrow, we’ll do all we can to keep them happy. We’ll open new doors and opportunities, locally and globally, to the best-in-class tools that help them grow their finances, access capital, and, if they want, offer these financial services to their customers.

“Our goal is to be a global financial force, and we’re developing the right relationships to make this a reality for our customers. We will progressively open channels to more African countries and, eventually, the rest of the world.”

What this means for our customers.

With this launch, Bloc sees itself as the “Mercury Bank + Unit for African businesses” — a control centre where you can access reliable business banking products/services and build custom applications with embedded financial services.

As African non-tech organisations and tech startups continue navigating the economic environments they find themselves in, Bloc’s mission is to provide them with everything they need to start, survive, and thrive. From local setup and go-to-market to global expansion, Bloc aims to be your partner every step of the way.

“It’s still early days, and we’re excited to learn what our customers think and how we can improve the product to make them even happier,” commented Jerry Enebeli, Chief Product Officer.

Our business banking product is now live and open to all businesses. Visit https://www.blochq.io to sign up.

We are currently only available on the Web but will release the mobile app in Q1 2024.

About Bloc

Bloc is a financial technology company that provides global banking services and API infrastructure to African startups and non-tech organisations that want to grow their revenue and be a part of the global market.

To learn more about us, visit our website: https://www.blochq.io