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Anthony Alexander Nnanyelugo Chukwu: A visionary entrepreneur redefining real estate with Invicta Homes

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Anthony Alexander Nnanyelugo Chukwu, a seasoned legal professional turned project manager, has emerged as a trailblazer in the real estate industry with the establishment of Invicta Homes in 2022. Armed with a law degree from the University of Lagos and a call to the Nigerian bar in 2019, Anthony brings over 5 years of business development expertise to his role as the founder of Invicta Homes.

Invicta Homes, aptly named, draws its inspiration from the Latin word “Invicta,” meaning invincible. Anthony explains, “This is who we plan to be—a real estate company that remains strong and resolute, no matter what. Our logo, the Crown, symbolizes excellence, which is at the core of Invicta Homes.”

Passionate about real estate, Anthony shares, “I aimed to get more young people interested in owning and investing in real estate. The industry has immense untapped potential, and I hope to contribute to its growth.”

With almost two years in the real estate business, Anthony reflects on an interesting learning curve. Collaborations with established real estate companies have contributed to a seamless learning experience for Invicta Homes.

“Excellence in service and product,” Anthony states emphasizing the firm’s operation. Every client is treated with utmost importance to ensure the delivery of the best possible value. The Invicta Homes team constantly strives for excellence, seeking ways to improve.

On the company’s current project and luxury offer, he said: “Our first project is Eden Garden of dreams located in Ilara Epe and selling for a total package of just 4.5m. It’s located in a serene residential estate in the heart of Epe. We have positioned ourselves for the developments going on in that region to ensure the best deal for our clients.

“Also, there is phase two of our garden of dreams estate going for a total package of just 1.5m. It is located in Ibowan epe Lagos state”.

According to him, both properties have undergone due diligence to ensure security of investment for interested client, and are also fitted with flexible payment plans to make it an easy buy especially for younger generations who wish to own real estate.

The biggest challenge Anthony faces is the impact of the local economy, causing unpredictable rises in costs and discouraging investors. However, Invicta Homes guarantees peace of mind to clients, assuring them of the security of their investments through thorough due diligence and a commitment to not cutting corners.

Asked about changes to his business journey, Anthony confidently replies, “Absolutely nothing. It has been an amazing experience so far, and I am positive it will get better.”

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