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Afrobeat stars who faded from the spotlight after exiting their Record Labels

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Nigerian music firm has favored convincing numbers of promising artists since it became an enchanting firm; however, despite its success, it has also punished a mass number of prominent stars who once led the firm to a promising view.

These stars were recognized as maestros in their grand when signed to their various record labels but, in a way, became struggling figures when they terminated their contracts with their record labels. Their struggles became vast to the extent that some, at a point, even quit music.

In this article, we will outline these stars who have faded from the Nigerian music firm since they left their Record Label.
Artists who faded from the Nigerian music firm after leaving their Record Labels

Ice Prince
Ice Prince, who is poorly known as Panchak Henry Zamani, is a Nigerian songwriter and rapper who was once recognized as the face of the Nigerian Hip Hop music firm.

He was born on 30th October 1986, in Mina, where he grew up and acquired his education.
Before fame, Ice Prince’s music talent was genuine and extraordinary, following how he won the 2009 Hennessy Artistry Club Tour.

His debut single, “Oleku”, became the pinnacle of his fame after so many artists remixed it.
This event attracted one of the oldest Nigerian record labels, “Chocolate City”. They contacted him and signed him to the Record Label, where he pushed for his career and established himself as the boss.

Everything Twisted after he left the Record Label. He began to struggle and even faded from the Nigerian music firm.

Reekado Banks
Reekado Banks, who is also known as Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon, is a Nigerian songwriter and singer who was born on 6th December 1993 in Lagos state.

He is currently recognized as a Nigerian music artist who faded from his peak after leaving Mavin Record Label, where he was once signed, as stated by Xclusiveplay.

Before this scramble, Reekado Banks, who was discovered and signed to the Mavin Records Label by the Nigerian music producer Don Jazzy, rose to fame after deploying enough hit songs under the Record Label.

He was featured on the Mavin Record Label Jantamata and Adaobi. In these two songs, he bodied his phase after he was recognized as the most dominant via how he smashed his part among the other stars.

However, within a short period, Reekado Banks left the Record Label and has been struggling to date. Despite releasing an album, he has yet to top the charts as he did before.

Wande Coal
The Nigerian singer and songwriter Wande Coal, in no doubt, is a Nigerian genius songwriter, vocalist, and singer who astonishingly fell into this category.

He was born on 18th October 1985 in Lagos Island, where he grew up and acquired his education. He was very passionate and embossed with tremendous musical qualities which established him to his greatest peak.

Despite being signed to Mo Hit Record Label in the early peak of his career, Wande Coal bonded with Don Jazzy from the beginning of their fame.

They co-founded Mo Hit Records, which they pushed and left via their solo goals. Don Jazzy, however, signed him back to his Record Label Mavin Record Label.

Amid a heated feud, He left the Record Label again and went solo. Since he left the label, he has been struggling to emerge at the top again despite his extraordinary talent.

Dr Sid
The Nigerian songwriter and singer Dr Sid also fell victim to the Nigerian music stars who faded from the Nigerian music firm after leaving their record labels.

Dr Sid was born on 1st May 1980 in Ikeja, where his music inspiration began.
He was signed to Mo hit Record Label before it crashed. However, his fame spanked when Don Jazzy bagged his signature again as a Mavin Record Label signee.

He featured in many Mavin Record label songs but faded from the Nigerian music firm after he left the Record Label.

Babatunde Rahim, who is popularly known as Lyta, also graced a special place in this category. His rise and fall to fame is quite incredible amid how his relationship with Olamide crashed.

However, before this outcome, Lyta, as a young star, signed a record deal with Olamide, who offered him the vast opportunity to prove his potential.

Without hesitation, he utilized his opportunity by releasing several hit songs including the likes of that earned him fame.

He became the face of the Nigerian music firm as of the year 2019. Everything seemed right until he developed an undisclosed feud with his boss, Olamide, forcing him to exit his record label and go solo.

Striving as a solo artist, he released multiple hit songs but didn’t attain the attention he needed to sail.

Amid pressure and a gradual quest, he completely faded from the spotlight. Since this became public, he has on several occasions pleaded with Olamide for a possible reunion, but the Grammy-nominated Rapper has always snubbed him.

His close associates, as of the recent buzz, announced that the singer is currently suffering a mental breakdown.

Korede Bello
Korede Bello, in no doubt, fell into this category; however, he is different from others following how he maintained his financial status.

In 2014, Don clinched his signature and without hesitation, utilized the opportunity and emerged as one of the hottest-selling Nigerian Afrobeat Gem.

This came shortly after his single ‘Godwin’ attained a massive feat on several major music charts over how Nigerians Jammed to it.
With this influence and the help of modern technology, he deployed more hit songs that earned him a respected reputation, as reported by Thecorrectblogger.

After what seemed to be an eternity of fame, he fell apart after mutually exiting the Mavin Record Label.

Today, he is doing just fine in the business aspect but struggles to record massive streaming numbers in the music field.

Former Mavin Record sensation, who is known popularly as Di Ja also earned her place in this category effortlessly.

In the early peak of his Mavin Record Label era, she became fans’ favorite after releasing a massive number of hit songs, including the likes of ‘Aww’, which bagged massive streams.
She led her fame for almost half a decade before fading from the spotlight after exiting Mavin Record Label via mutual consent.

Hers was, however, odd as she found comfort in her marital union bidding the fact that she wanted to focus on her family.