• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Accelerating Careers, OneWoman introduces mentorship for professional women


Sterling Bank’s OneWoman initiative, committed to empowering women nationwide, proudly introduces the OneWoman Professional Mentorship Program (OPMP) in collaboration with Women in Successful Careers (WISCAR). Designed for professional women across all levels aiming for career growth, the OPMP is a structured mentorship program curated to accelerate their professional development.

Head of OneWoman at Sterling Bank, Yetunde Moito, emphasizes the OPMP’s tailored approach for women in the workforce striving for accelerated growth. The collaboration with WISCAR underscores OneWoman’s dedication to preparing women for leadership roles in Nigeria’s corporate, business, and political spheres.

The OPMP offers a comprehensive six-week curriculum, featuring masterclasses, personalized mentoring sessions, book review clubs, and networking events led by seasoned professionals from WISCAR’s network. Participants also gain exclusive access to WISCAR’s celebrated women, enhancing their capacity to excel and achieve career aspirations.

Sterling Bank’s OneWoman initiative remains at the forefront of empowering women in their professional pursuits. With a focus on women’s financial inclusion, wealth creation, and capacity building, the initiative operates through three key pillars: Capital, Capacity, and Community. Through bespoke financial and non-financial services aligned with these pillars,

Sterling OneWoman is dedicated to driving the advancement of the female economy. To learn more about these transformative initiatives, visit https://sterling.ng/onewoman/.