• Sunday, March 03, 2024
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7 Ways for students to make money in Nigeria in 2023


We all know of Sapa and how it can show you shege, I mean, problem, if you don’t work or look for a way to earn money, whether online or offline. Well, I have come bearing good news. I am here to show you seven ways to earn money in Nigeria as a student.

7 Ways To Make Money as a Student In Nigeria

Here are seven ways you can make money as a student in Nigeria: Gift card swapping, event planning, starting an e-commerce business, tutoring, blogging, lifestyle vlogging, and lastly, trading cryptocurrency.

1. Gift card swapping
As a student, you can earn money by buying and selling gift cards with high resale rates. So what is a gift card, right? Gift cards are digital assets you can use to pay for items at specific brands online or offline. Examples of gift cards are Amazon, Apple, eBay gift cards, etc.

You can buy gift cards on Cardtonic at affordable prices, I mean, when the prices are low, and you can sell them back on Cardtonic when the prices are high.

It is like you are taking advantage of the fluctuating rate of these gift cards. To get started, you must download their app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and register.

2. Event Planning
Another way you can make money as a student is through event planning. We know that Saturdays are for parties and Owanbe. There is always something to celebrate, right?
So why not take advantage of this and start your journey as an event planner? You will be paid for organising events like parties, game nights, award ceremonies, etc.

3. Start an E-commerce Business:
I know this is something that is popular in most Nigerian universities. Everyone is now selling clothes, bags, etc. But you can do your own business in a special way.

What do I mean? You can open an Instagram page for your business or even go far as owning a website. This way, you show your customers that your products are unique and top-notch.
Once you have built a brand people can trust, you will start making money in no time.

4. Tutoring
If you are a scholar in your institution or a genius, this is for you. You can teach your coursemate and charge them for your time. Plus, you can also offer private lessons to students who are still in secondary school.

Here’s the secret: you can specifically help those who want to write external exams like WAEC or NECO and even charge them a good amount of money for your valuable help.

For private lessons, you can charge as high as 20k per month! Or, if you prefer, you can run a coaching or tutoring center. There, you can have multiple students and charge them up to 10k each.

5. Blogging
Another intelligent way you can beat Sapa is by starting a blog. Now, you can start your blogging journey by owning a website or even starting small with social media like Instagram and Twitter. And when you see you have enough loyal followers, you can refer them to your website.

One of the ways you can make money from blogging is by running ads for companies/brands. Additionally, you can make money through affiliate marketing, where you insert a link to a product and get a commission as a customer buy the product using your link.

6. Lifestyle Vlogging
This is something for content creators. This is where you share your point of view, how you spend your day, or hacks and tricks to solve things with your followers. If you want to do this, I recommend you start your journey from Tiktok.

Why Tiktok, right? Well, Tiktok users love this stuff, and you can quickly build a community of loyal followers on the platform. And once you have a considerable number of followers, you can start running ads for companies/brands, and you will start earning cash!

7. Trading Cryptocurrency
If you want to do something different, you can go into crypto trading or investment. I tried this while in school and made money by buying and selling crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance. I could remember I bought my second phone with the money I got from trading crypto.

If you also want to trade crypto, you need a platform where you can sell your crypto without getting scammed, right? That’s where Breet comes in. You can sell your crypto and get cash or convert your crypto to another crypto of your choice.
You can make money from trading crypto by buying and selling cryptocurrency. For example, you can buy Bitcoin when the price is low and sell it on a Breet when the price rises. Cool right?

Benefits of Making Money In School
Here are four benefits of making money as a student in Nigeria: Financial freedom, a sense of responsibility, increasing your income, and finding your purpose.

1. Financial Freedom:
You know there is this peace of mind that comes with money, right? Just having 100k sitting in your account doing nothing. And the only way to achieve this is by making money.

Besides, someone that doesn’t work can’t eat, right? You can see why making money as a student is important if you want to archive financial freedom and put Sapa to shame.

2. Sense of Responsibility:
We all know that making money is the only way to beat Sapa. But apart from that, a sense of accomplishment comes from you making money yourself while you are still a student.

Only when you work for the money will you understand its value, and you will be able to differentiate your need from your want. In short, you will be very conscious when spending the money you worked so hard for!

3. Increase your Income:
Most students can’t really flex and chill with the allowance given to them by their parents. This also includes me because the money I received from my dad was never enough for me to flex and enjoy life.
So I started trading crypto and swapping gift cards. This increased my income, and I could flex like a boss!

4. Finding your purpose:
When you have a side hustle while you are still in school, you will start seeing that there is more to life than the course you are doing in school.
Imagine making 500k plus while you are still in school, and your side hustle is not related to what you are doing in school!

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make Money as a Student
1. How To Make Money On Cardtonic?
You can make money when you buy or sell gift cards on Cardtonic. Moreover, not only can you earn rewards by buying or selling gift cards on their platform, but you can also refer a friend to their platform and receive additional rewards.

2. What Skills Do I Need To Make Money as a Student In Nigeria?
Some of the skills you will need as a student who wants to make money in Nigeria are: writing, marketing, graphic design, etc. It is important to note that the type of online job you pursue will determine the skill you will acquire.

3. Can I Make Money Without Any Capital as a Student In Nigeria?
Yes, there are ways you can make money without any capital, such as affiliate marketing, blogging, freelance writing, etc.

4. How Can I Make Money Online Now In 2023?
You can do various jobs as a student in 2023, such as tutoring, blogging, gift card swapping, freelance writing, social media management, etc.

5. Can I Make Money Online as a Student In Nigeria?
Yes, you can make money as a student in Nigeria, and you can do that by applying for jobs online while you are still in school.

Everyone is always shouting Sapa up and down. However, there are still ways you can still make money as a student and put Sapa to shame.
This article is the right place for you to start if you want to leave Sapa prisoner. All you have to do is find a passion for what you love doing, and you can go for it.

Remember, there is courage and freedom that comes with making money. So why won’t you hustle as a student and make money? Don’t procrastinate, my friend. Start your hustle journey today and put Sapa to shame!