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12 Profitable ways to invest in Real Estate

12 Profitable ways to invest in Real Estate

Real Estate Investment is the most bankable investment in the world for so many reasons. I mean not just the fact that it’s a physical asset that you get to see and have control over, it’s also a trans generational investment that can be passed down from one generation to another. Again, most of us still enjoy returns from our grandparents Real Estate investment. However, many have had a bitter-sweet experience due to so many reasons and circumstances. One major challenge Real Estate investors are faced with is not knowing the kind of investment they are making,that is whether it’s a Short-term or Long-term investment. Long term investment requires a longer period of time for your property to appreciate hence the confusion amongst many Real Estate investors while short term investment requires lesser time and also keeps the Real Estate investor on a steady cash flow. Now to know the right investment to make you definitely need the services of a Real Estate Consultant like myself to guide you on the right Real Estate investment that not only suit your desire but also your budget.

Below are Twelve (12) Profitable ways to invest in Real Estate and stay on a steady cash flow.

Shortlet: Shortlet presently have dominated the Real Estate industry. There have been an increase in the demand for them. Shortlets are private Apartments designed to taste with every facility in tact to meet the services of guests. More and more people now prefer shortlets to the regular Hotels and investors can make up to 45 to 100 thousand Naira per night. All an investor need is a Good serviced Apartment to run this business successfully. Investors need a furnished service Apartment because the Apartment must have 24hours light, running water and top notch security to keep the guests comfortable all through their stay and create a lasting impression that will sprout continuous patronage.

AirBnB: is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodations in that locale. It currently covers more than 100,000 cities and 220 countries worldwide. It basically involves Real Estate investors who have homes to rent out to people who needs accommodation in that locality usually for a short period of time. Airbnb can generate steady cash flow for you as a Real Estate investor. The difference between Airbnb and a Shortlet Apartment is that while you can use your home for Airbnb, a shortlet is usually a private Apartment designed specifically for the guest privacy.

Shared Apartments : This is another lucrative way Real Estate investors can make more than the initial rental payment. Investors who have properties in a very good location can decide to rent it out to more than one tenant whether it’s an Apartment or a duplex. Shared Apartment basically meets the need of people who want to live very close to town or happening places but cannot afford the entire rent. The investor can share the Apartment to different people for close to half the initial rental amount and it can be paid quarterly, Monthly or yearly. This is a good way to stay on a steady cash flow.

Lodge & Shoot: This is one very lucrative form of Real Estate investment yet very unpopular. So, for investors that have vacant Houses that have been locked up without bringing returns, it might be a good idea to earn good money from your property. Shoot & Lodge is mostly used by creative people like Filmmakers, Music Directors etc. This creatives, need a place to shoot movies and music videos, also they need a place to lodge Actors, Musicians and Crew members and by providing a place where they can not only lodge but also shoot, is a solution that comes with handsome reward. Real Estate investors can charge up to N500,000 for just 3days in this type of investment. It’s a perfect way to get steady cash flow from your Property investment.

Rent: This is a popular one and still very rewarding especially in a populated city like Lagos. You can get steady returns from your Real Estate investment by renting out your property whether it’s a landed property or a building. Another advantage of renting out your property is that, you can decide if you want your rent monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Office Space: Here is another big one. Properties are meant to serve the various needs of Humans and generate returns for investors, So if you have a good property in a good location, you can decide to turn it to an office space and earn rent monthly, quarterly or yearly. Lagos and indeed most big cities are filled with Freelancers who desperately needs an office to work. Smart investors can decide to furnish their properties and make it more comfortable for freelancers to work while they receive rental income at the end of the month. This investment can generate up to N50,000 per freelancer monthly. Investors can also decide to rent the space out to single individuals or companies and enjoy rental income either quarterly or annually.

Holiday Homes: This is relatively new in Nigeria but not new abroad. Let’s say you have a very nice property in a good location as an investor, you can decide to turn it into an Holiday Home for tourists to lodge and in turn pay for the comfort they enjoy. Holiday Homes have to be in strategic areas like Houses close to the Beach. It also have to be well furnished to taste for excellent comfort and luxury experience.

Event center: This is another form of Real Estate investment. If your property is in a good location, you can decide to use it as an Event Centre and get fanstatic returns on your property.

Land lease: This is also very common in Real Estate. It’s a suituation where Network Providers lease your property for their services like Erecting a Mast on your property. This is also common and well thought out for good returns for investors.

Farmland : This venture keeps your property safe and far from encroachment. Farmers can farm on your land and pay for lease. It also comes with harvested crops.

Land Banking: This is in fact the most common investment in RealEstate where investors invest in land and give it time to appreciate. If you are looking at investing in land banking, I’ll advise you invest in emerging Areas and watch your Real Estate investment grow.

Recreational facility: Yes, you can turn your Piece of Real Estate into a recreational facility like a Private Resort, Amusement park, etc. A place where you can have Spas, Saunas, Steam baths, Swimming pools, Tennis court, Playground equipments, and other Exercise, Entertainment or Athletic facilities. I mean how many Disney Island do we have in Nigeria or even a Universal studio? Turning your piece of Real Estate into a recreational facility can make money for you on a daily basis. I mean from the gate pass to lodges and more. Owning an investment like this usually requires huge capital to set the place in order but I’ll advise, if you have the funds or have access to people who can collaborate, you should go for it and make it as unique as possible then watch how you’ll practically enjoy the returns on your investment.

Real Estate investment is Gold and very rewarding when done the right way. It takes a good expert to guide you on the right investment to make. For more information, free consultation or Purchase of properties, please contact us on +2349028537677, on Instagram: Mimshachproperty_realestate, facebook: Mimshach Properties &Consultancy, YouTube: Mimshach Properties. Follow us and call us.
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