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10 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners: Easy to Promote in 2024

10 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners: Easy to Promote in 2024

If you’re a total beginner, you might feel overwhelmed by the idea of affiliate marketing. But remember – even the most successful entrepreneurs started somewhere. Plus, what’s great about affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t require any specific experience or know-how. Instead, it’s about pairing your ambitions with the very best affiliate programs for beginners.

Affiliate marketing gives you the chance to make good money without any risks. They cost nothing to join, you don’t need to buy any stock, and every penny you earn is yours to keep. Even so, it’s vital to set your sights on popular affiliate networks with a good track record so you know you’re in safe hands.

To help you hit the ground running, we’ve scoured the market to find the top affiliate programs for beginners in 2024. Each of these has been chosen based on factors like high commissions, timely payouts, and extensive cookie windows.

Affiliate Networks Vs. Affiliate Programs

Getting started in the world of affiliate sales, two terms you’ll often hear are ‘affiliate networks’ and ‘affiliate programs.’ Understanding the difference between these is important, as they’re often confused as the same thing.

An affiliate marketing program is set up by a company that wants to promote its products or services. As an affiliate, you can join these programs, promote the company’s offerings, and earn affiliate revenue when your promotions result in sales.

On the other hand, affiliate networks are like intermediaries in the online business world. These networks house hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of affiliate programs under one roof. By joining an affiliate network, you gain access to numerous affiliate programs, saving you the time and effort of signing up for each program individually.

Understanding this distinction is vital, as both can contribute to your potential earnings in unique ways.

How We Selected the Best Beginner-Friendly Affiliate Programs

Before signing up for an affiliate program, it’s essential to do some groundwork. As a beginner affiliate marketer in particular, you’ll want to focus on these crucial aspects:

Easy to Promote: A great affiliate program should provide products or services that are easy to promote. You should be genuinely interested in what they offer and know what you’re talking about, as this makes it easier to create compelling content and reach potential customers.

Higher Commissions: The commission rate you get forms the core of your affiliate income. Higher commissions mean more earnings per sale, so bigger is always better. Research and compare commission structures to ensure you’re investing your time in worthwhile affiliate programs.

Long Cookie Duration: This is the period during which your referrals are tracked. From the moment your referrals click your unique links, you can collect commissions on their purchase for anything from 24 hours to a full year. Successful affiliate marketers always favor programs with long cookie durations.

Positive Brand Recognition: Promoting a brand that already has a positive reputation can increase your conversion rates, as customers are more likely to buy from brands they trust. So, along with the products and services the affiliate program offers, you also need to consider credibility.

Dedicated Support: A dedicated affiliate manager who offers continuous support can make a huge difference in your marketing journey. Affiliate managers provide assistance, answer queries, and give helpful tips, improving the all-round effectiveness of your campaign.

Based on the above, we were able to pick out the following affiliate programs as the ten best in the business right now for beginners. Each with its own unique points of appeal, but all well worth checking out.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

1. Media Mister Affiliate Program

Right off the bat, Media Mister has put together the best all-round affiliate program for beginners right now. With 12 solid years under its belt, this top-rated social media engagement brand offers an ideal entry point for newcomers. YouTubers, influencers, stay-at-home moms – anyone looking to generate a new income stream.

The ease of promoting their services is a key perk, especially when combined with a huge 60% fixed commission. Their higher-end service packages carry prices of up to $10,000, translating to earning potential as high as $6,000 per sale. And with an unbeatable 1-year cookie duration, you’re looking at one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in operation.

Monthly payouts are prompt and reliable, removing any guesswork about when you’ll receive your money. Accessibility is also a big selling point, with the program being easy to sign up with, and available in five languages. Importantly, they don’t skimp on support, offering a dedicated affiliate manager as standard. Which goes some way to explain why almost 1000 affiliates are already making money from Media Mister’s services.

As for promoting your affiliate links, you could try creating engaging content that showcases the importance of social media, or making how-to videos that highlight the benefits of social proof. You could even combine your affiliate campaign with your email marketing strategy, simply by embedding your affiliate links in the right places.

When it comes to simple, high-ticket affiliate programs with beginners in mind, Media Mister is hard to beat.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Niche: Social Media
  • Commission: 60%
  • Cookie Duration: 365 days
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and Wire Transfer
  • Payout Frequency: Min $10 – 10th of each month
  • Application Requirements: None

>>Click here to Signup Media Mister Affiliate Program

2. GetAFollower Affiliate Program


If you’re looking for the best affiliate programs for beginners without their own website, look no further than GetAFollower. A seller of genuine social proof for all major networks (a sought-after commodity), making referrals via countless other channels is a walk in the park. If you’re active on social media, you’ve everything you need to make money here.

On top of this, their generous 60% commission rate coupled with a high conversion rate means more sales with less effort involved. Their user-friendly tracking features mean you won’t need a degree in rocket science to follow your sales and commissions, and there are no caps placed on how much you can make.

Plus, with an 8-month cookie duration, every referral you make has a long-lasting impact on your earnings – even several months down the line.

GetAFollower’s payment system is as straightforward as it gets – monthly payouts via PayPal or Payoneer, with no minimum threshold. Earned five bucks? It’s yours. Earned five hundred? It’s yours too. Great for newcomers, taking it one step at a time.

As a GetAFollower affiliate, you’re backed by an excellent customer service team and a wealth of resources to help you thrive. And with zero qualification criteria to fulfill, literally, anyone looking to see how it all works is welcome to join.

It’s a straightforward, potentially profitable partnership – no website needed.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Niche: Social Media
  • Commission: 60%
  • Cookie Duration: 8 Months
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and Payoneer
  • Payout Frequency: 15th of each month
  • Application Requirements: None

3. Buy Real Media Affiliate program

Next up, Buy Real Media has put together one of the most user-friendly affiliate programs on the web. Whether you’re a budding blogger, an aspiring influencer, or a business looking to diversify your income streams, their social media marketing services practically sell themselves.

Firstly, there’s no need for a website or existing online business to get started. The program equips you with all the essentials—think promotional materials and optimized strategies—right from the get-go. They even walk you through the entire journey, ensuring you maximize your efforts without wasting any time.

A standout feature is BRM’s long-term 6-month cookie duration – plenty of time to build up commissions on delayed or repeat purchases. Archives of testimonials back up their credibility, crediting the simplicity and potential value of the program.

As for getting set up, it’s a piece of cake. Within 48 hours, you’re ready to roll, armed with a unique affiliate link you can share across various platforms—social media, emails, blog posts – anywhere you like. The freedom to experiment and progress at your own pace until you find what works for you.

For anyone wanting to dip their toes into affiliate marketing waters without the hassle, Buy Real Media is definitely worth considering. It’s an affiliate program that respects your time, nurtures your growth, and values simplicity.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Niche: Social Media
  • URL: Buy Real Media Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 60%
  • Cookie Duration: 6 Months
  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer and PayPal
  • Payout Frequency: 15th of each month
  • Application Requirements: None

4. Amazon Associates Program

One of the world’s most iconic online stores, Amazon also offers one of the oldest affiliate networks in the business. Straightforward and with an expansive range of products, it’s become a go-to for beginners worldwide.

Imagine having millions of physical and digital products to recommend across every imaginable niche, all from Amazon’s extensive catalog. That’s what Amazon Associates offers. Whether you’re into tech, fashion, books, or beauty, there’s something for everyone to push, promote, and make money from.

With Amazon, you’re not just throwing links around. They give you the tools to create engaging, clickable links to various deals and products, making your job a whole lot easier. And if you’re struggling with where to start, Amazon’s Creator University is packed with tips and stories from successful affiliates.

Commission rates may vary, and 1% to 20% isn’t groundbreaking. But the vast number of products available means there’s a huge potential to make sales. And while the cookie duration is just 24 hours, when you consider the traffic Amazon sees daily, it’s more than enough time for someone to make a purchase through your link.

As a beginner, Amazon Associates is a solid entry point to the retail side of affiliate marketing. Great opportunity to dip your toes into the affiliate marketing pool. You can sign up for free, find products that match your interests, and start sharing. It’s that simple.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Niche: E-commerce
  • Commission: Up to 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 24 hours
  • Payout Methods: Direct Deposit, Check, or Amazon Gift Card
  • Application Requirements: At least one active website or app where you plan to promote their products.

5. CJ Affiliate Network

CJ Affiliate Network (previously known as Commission Junction) is a seasoned player in the affiliate marketing arena, and perfect for those just starting out. It’s a platform where beginners can really thrive, thanks to its user-friendly interface and vast network of advertisers.

Potential commission rates are as varied as the products available – ranging from as low as 3% to a competitive 50% – depending on the advertiser and product. As with most affiliate programs, CJ Affiliate pays out its commissions monthly, which keeps a steady flow into your bank account.

One of the great things about CJ Affiliate is its wide range of big-name advertisers from multiple industries, including retail, travel, finance, and technology. This diversity makes it a great fit for affiliates who specialize in these areas, but it’s also perfect for those who cater to a very specific audience and are looking for niche products to promote.

Another top perk for beginners is the platform’s cookie duration policy. Depending on the advertiser, cookies can last anywhere from 1 day to 120 days, giving you a fair window to reel in those commissions – much longer than most comparable retail schemes.

As for getting in, the application process does require you to have a decently set-up website with quality content, showing that you’re serious about your affiliate marketing business. But that’s pretty much it – no other specific knowledge or experience needed.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Niche: Various Niches Covered
  • Commission: 3% to 50%
  • Cookie Duration: 1 to 120 days
  • Payout Frequency: Monthly
  • Application Requirements: A high-quality website with plenty of engaging, niche-specific content of genuine value.

6. FlexOffers

FlexOffers offers a straightforward path into affiliate sales and promotions, with a diverse array of niches covered. Whether you’re passionate about technology, fashion, travel, or finance, there’s a broad spectrum of programs and products to choose from, with over 12,000 affiliate programs available.

This extensive range makes it suitable for content creators, bloggers, marketers, and business owners – regardless of their core target audience. You can basically handpick programs that resonate with your content and audience to generate optimum sales.

The platform is particularly user-friendly for beginners, thanks to its straightforward interface and dedicated support team that helps you get up and running. At the same time, it offers the depth and variety that seasoned affiliates appreciate, interested in optimizing and expanding their marketing strategies.

Commission rates vary widely, allowing you to potentially earn from a modest 1% to an impressive 50%, depending on the advertiser and niche. Cookie durations are equally diverse – starting at 30 days – offering a good timespan for your referrals to make purchases.

Again, FlexOffers does require that applicants have a functional website with quality content, as you need to show you’re serious about promoting their products/services the right way.

Tick this box, and you’re looking at a great opportunity to connect with relevant brands and earn commissions from a diverse array of products and services.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Niche: Variable
  • Commission: From 1% to 50%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  • Payout Frequency: Variable
  • Application Requirements: An active website and sufficient evidence to support your capability to successfully market their products/services.

7. Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising (previously Rakuten Marketing) offers a beginner-friendly gateway into the world of affiliate marketing. To date, it has paid out over a billion dollars in commissions to its affiliate partners, highlighting just how much potential this program has for ambitious entrepreneurs.

It’s a globally recognized network that caters to a diverse range of niches, partnered with a staggering 32,000+ brands across every imaginable niche. For beginners, Rakuten stands out for its emphasis on creating quality partnerships between advertisers and affiliates. This focus helps newcomers forge meaningful connections, providing a stronger foundation for successful business startups.

Commission rates on Rakuten can be quite lucrative, often reaching or even surpassing 50% (although they do vary widely across different merchants). Payments from Rakuten are made on a net 60 basis, meaning you’ll receive your earnings approximately two months after a sale. While this might be a longer wait compared to some other networks, it ensures consistent and reliable payouts.

Cookie durations are also merchant-specific – some lasting up to 30 days – giving you ample time for referrals to convert to sales.

To qualify, you’ll need a well-maintained website or platform that aligns with the program’s high standards. Rakuten looks for dedicated affiliates who are ready to engage their audience with relevant, high-quality content – and they reward them generously in return.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Niche: Online Retail and Marketing
  • Commission: Up to 50%
  • Cookie Duration: Up to 30 Days
  • Payout Frequency: Net 60 Payment Basis
  • Application Requirements: A professional, well-maintained website with decent traffic and a solid all-round image.

8. ClickBank

A powerhouse in the affiliate marketing world, ClickBank has more than 6 million clients worldwide, and is one of the largest online retailers in North America. It’s also a solid choice for beginners, largely due to its vast array of products spanning various niches, including lifestyle, software, and even online courses. This diversity means there’s a good chance you’ll find a product that resonates with your audience, and your interests.

Perhaps most appealing to new and established affiliates alike is ClickBank’s potentially high commission rates, maxing out at 75%. Cookie durations are decent as well, with most ClickBank products offering 60 days, which is more than you get with a lot of online retail programs.

When it comes to getting paid, there’s the flexibility of choosing a weekly or biweekly payment schedule. This regularity can be very useful for beginners, helping maintain momentum in their early affiliate marketing journey.

Best of all, getting started with ClickBank is simple enough, and you don’t need to have an established website or business. All you need is the drive to market your chosen products effectively, which you can do via pretty much any channels you like (social media, email marketing, blog posts, video reviews etc).

Affiliate Program Details

  • Niche: Various
  • Commission: Niche-Specific up to 75%
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days
  • Payout Frequency: Weekly or Biweekly Payments
  • Application Requirements: Website or Blog

9. Bluehost

A respected name in web hosting services, the Bluehost affiliate program is well-suited to those in the tech or blogging niches, with the savvy and skills needed to recommend hosting solutions. Something every online business needs, making it a fairly straightforward service to sell.

A major pull for newcomers is the program’s generous commission structure – a standard rate of $65 for each signup, which can increase (up to $125) based on performance and volume. It’s a simple, lucrative system that’s easy to work with as you’re finding your feet.

As for payment frequency, Bluehost rewards its affiliates monthly as long as the minimum threshold of $100 is met. The program sets a 90-day lifespan for its cookies – more than enough time for potential buyers to make up their minds, and send revenues your way up to three months down the line.

The application process is simple; no stringent requirements for website quality, traffic volumes, or general online presence. They’re simply looking for passionate individuals who can genuinely endorse their services, with the right knowledge and expertise.

If tech’s your thing, this could be your perfect entry point to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Niche: Technology (Hosting Services)
  • Commission: $65 to $125 per signup
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Payout Frequency: Monthly ($100 Minimum)
  • Application Requirements: Open to tech-savvy bloggers and enthusiasts of tech businesses.

10. TripAdvisor

Last up is the undisputed king of travel affiliate programs. If you’re a keen traveler and enjoy sharing your experiences, you should definitely consider partnering with TripAdvisor. Imagine connecting your readers with the world’s most expansive travel platform, home to a staggering 795 million reviews and details on 1.4 million places to stay.

With TripAdvisor’s affiliate program, you link up to specific hotels and earn commissions when users click through and book. Not just that, you earn at least 50% of what TripAdvisor makes, even if the booking isn’t completed right away. Plus, they offer an impressive 14-day referral period, so if your reader returns and books within two weeks, you’re still in for the reward.

But the real cherry on top – you align with TripAdvisor’s powerhouse brand. Their reputable name, by default, amplifies the trust in your content. It’s a seamless way to enhance your blog’s value and make some income by sharing your travel passion.

For the first-time affiliate marketer in the travel niche, TripAdvisor is a solid starting point. With its user-friendly system and a pay structure that fairly rewards your efforts, it might just be the golden ticket you’ve been looking for.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Niche: Travel
  • Commission: 50% or more
  • CookieDuration: 14 Days
  • Payment Methods: Variable
  • Payout Frequency: Monthly
  • Application Requirements: None, open to all travel bloggers and enthusiasts, travel product sellers, hospitality businesses, and bloggers.


How Do I Become an Affiliate Marketer?

To become an affiliate marketer, start by finding an easy, accessible affiliate program for beginners – like those mentioned above. Choose a niche you’re passionate about, sign up, and you’ll receive your affiliate link. You can then use this link to promote products and earn commissions on each sale made.

Can I Make Money from Affiliate Marketing?

Absolutely! Many affiliate marketers launch successful businesses by promoting other brands’ products, and some have even gotten rich from it. It’s a great way to get into making money online, with the potential to grow into a steady income stream.

How Can I Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing Without Owning a Website?

You can earn money by sharing your affiliate link across various platforms like social media, email newsletters, or video content. Being active on multiple affiliate networks also increases your chances of success without necessarily owning a website.

Do I Need to Pay to Join an Affiliate Program?

No, joining an affiliate program should always be free. Reputable programs don’t ask for payment, ensuring that anyone with the drive to market their products can get started without upfront costs or risks.

Final Thoughts: What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners?

While the market for affiliate programs may be huge, it takes something special to create a genuinely accessible and profitable scheme for beginners. A program with the gentlest possible learning curve, a great support team behind you, and (importantly) the opportunity to make real money.

For these reasons, the Media Mister affiliate program is our top overall pick for beginners, due to its simplicity, extended 12-month cookie duration, fixed 60% commission payment, and dedicated support system. All making it easier for newcomers to get started and drive their businesses to a profitable future, with no unnecessary complications.

Even so, it’s worth checking out what the other key players in our top 10 have to offer. Find a niche that suits you, think about how you’ll promote your referral links, and start turning your knowledge and experience into a reliable revenue stream.