• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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houseBrainfield Premium partners Noah’s Paediatric on free check-up for babies


 Brainfield Premium Crèche and Nursery, a childcare and learning centre for babies and kids in conjunction with Noah’s Paediatric Hospital, at Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, held and conducted, its first segment of health talk and free medical check-up for babies between the ages of one and three, as part of its effort to render its social responsibility.

Salawu A.T, a medical expert at Lagos State Hospital said: “Malaria is a major infection that causes fever; diarrhea is the one of the symptoms of fever and all these infections are more deadly than HIV/AIDS. Humans are always afraid of HIV/AIDS while there are other killer diseases which have been undermined by humans in recent years.”

He continued: “The things parents cite as common are the things that could bring a human into extinction; things such as Vitamin C, fruits, paracetamol amongst others should not be found in any household. When your baby is running temperature persistently, what do you do?” he asked. “This is not the time for panicking; this is the time for you to take drastic measure. Soak a piece of cloth into a warm and massage the baby’s entire body and give a tablet of paracetamol; if it persists then consult a medical expert.”

Chinyere Okeiyi, a paediatric nurse at Noah’s Paediatric Hospital, while addressing the efficacy of breast milk said: “The breast milk is second to none. As a natural baby food that is quite indispensable, it contains iron which helps to build up the body system of the baby.

It is needless to feed the child that is between the ages of 0-6 months with different brands of milk such as NAN, Infant Formulae, SMA Gold and water, unless on the grounds of medical reasons. The baby is expected to take other baby foods alongside the breast milk having exceeded the age of 6 months, so as to supplement the iron level in the breast milk.

“The feeding of the child is very important; it is a play time for parents and not the time to be in a hurry. It is usually pertinent for the nursing mother to learn some rhymes which they need to sing whenever they are feeding the child. These rhymes appeals to their emotions and often has tremendous effects on the feeding aspect.

Most of the babes become unnecessarily obstinate whenever their mothers try to feed them, that is when they are expected to sing these rhymes and it works. And nursing mothers should not have any cause to complain that the child feeds a lot because these babies feed every four hours,” Chinyere said.