• Monday, April 15, 2024
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Firm introduces baby friendly products to boost hygiene


As part of its effort to provide mothers with healthy diapers for their young babies, Angel Commodity Industries (Nigeria) Limited has introduced a range of Teddy Baby Diapers to provide safe and comfort for babies.

Speaking at the Teddy Baby dealers’ forum in Lagos recently, Frank Emmanuel Okafor, chairman of Angel Commodity Industries (Nigeria) Limited said the as far as locally manufactured diapers are concerned, Teddy Baby products are best suited for babies in terms of quality packaging and price consideration.

“We did not go into the manufacturing and distribution of Teddy Baby range of diapers by mistake, but out of a strong concern and commitment to produce diapers that will be unique, easy to use and ameliorate the inconvenience experienced by mothers who have little or no time to wash, maintain and change napkins,”Okafor said.

Okafor assured that the Teddy Baby range of diapers is manufactured with regards to international standard and under the most hygienic condition, in its factory at Lagos by technical experts who ensure quality control during the manufacturing process.

According to him, “The commitment and hard work of these expatriates has resulted in what is manufactured and distributed today as high quality and unique diapers which competes favourably with other brands.

“Teddy Baby Classic is uniquely manufactured in such a way that any baby can wear it throughout the day before disposing it without any side effect. It is always dry and thinner, baby friendly and comfortable. It is also manufactured as a triple-layered absorbent diaper in other to quickly and evenly absorb fluid and effectively prevent rewet and to keep the baby’s skin dry and healthy.”

Explaining further on the packaging of the products, the chairman disclosed that the packaging is different from the others as it appears in an orange/purple colour.

“The Midi, unlike the Mini comes in a pack of 9 and weighs between 5-10kg while its packaging colour is sky-blue/yellow. The Maxi on the other hand, weighs 9-13kg and has 8 pieces in a pack with a yellow/red packaging colour,” he added.