• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Chinese  govt’ to explore opportunities in Nigeria’s health, manufacturing, education sectors 

Qian Keming

In response to President Buhari’s April visit to the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce,Qian Keming said the Chinese government would be expanding through technical cooperation  its investments in Nigeria in key areas of  areas of Health, Manufacturing,and education sectors.

The Vice Minister,who led a delegation of Chinese officials to the federal Ministry of finance on Monday informed that  the meeting is with regard to  the  on co-hosting by the Peoples Republic of China  with Nigeria on the  6th session of trade and economic technical cooperation joint commission.

The Chine Vice Minister said,”This time I lead Chinese delegation to visit Nigeria,and the objective is to co-host with you your 6th session of trade and economic technical  cooperation joint commission. The theme of this session is to implement the consensus agreed upon by the two leaders,during their three meetings,especially those consensus  reached during the state visit payed by President Buhari this April”

In this regard,he said,”This morning,I co-hosted with the Minister of Budget and National planning on Economic Technical Cooperation Joint Commission. During the meeting,the Chinese delegation carried out discussions on how  both countries could cooperate with each other moving forward”

Furthermore,”We have discussed earlier with the Vice President,who suggested on  how we could strengthen our cooperation in agricultural modernization,infrastructure,economic diversification and industrialization”

In this meeting,I  will still discuss with the honourable minister of finance  on how to enable financing solutions on the key areas we discussed going forward”he explained.

While reassuring of federal government’s willingness to diversify the economy,Kemi Adeosun the Minister of Finance said ,”You have come to Nigeria,at a very interesting time in our economic history. We are coming out of one of the most challenging periods we have seen recently,and I believe we are journeying into one of the most interesting periods Nigeria would see”

I want to thank you formally for all the supports you have given to us. In respect to Chinese Exim Bank,we thank you for the critical support of financing key projects in Nigeria,and we laud such supports”

You have shown yourself as a true partner in Nigerian project and we look forward to doing so much more with you in this phase of our development.

As you have mentioned,there are opportunities in modernising our agriculture,health,industrialization,education,and addressing poor provision of infrastructures .This administration is repositining the economy with a particular focus on infrastrucutural investments. You have come at the right time.

You are one of the biggest economies in the World,and we look further to strengthen our partnership with you in the key areas you have highlighted.

We are looking forward to do more with the Chinese EXIM Bank on both import and Export.We look forward to exporting to China,as well as importing from China”Kemi disclosed further.