• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Tips on buying desktop computers


 Although notebooks and ultrabooks are more portable and powerful than ever, you can usually buy a faster desktop, with more storage capacity, for less money.

A desktop PC allows you to update components, and swap out faulty parts, extending its life expectancy for potentially less than buying a new notebook.

There are two types of desktop PC:

The traditional desktop, also known as a tower All-in-one desktop – where interior components are contained in the same case as the monitor.

While all-in-ones are great space savers, you generally can’t upgrade the internal hardware without professional help. Desktops take up more space, but they offer more upgrade freedom than all-in-ones, notebooks and ultrabooks.

Before buying a computer think about what you want and what you will be using it for. You might be looking for an entry-level or budget PC for basic computing, a mid-range PC for the family, or a multimedia and gaming powerhouse. Whether you buy a system off-the-shelf, have one built-to-order or take the all-in-one option, you’ll need to know what’s available, how the components work and how they compare.