• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Veritasi Homes launches Camberwall Court phase 2


Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited, a top real estate development firm has launched the second phase of the ‘Camberwall Court’ at Abijo, Lagos recently.

This is following the success at ‘Camberwall Court Phase I’ – an affordable housing estate comprising one and two-bedroom apartments, bungalows, and terraces.

“We are happy to deliver top-notch properties to our clients, and that is why we are excited to launch Camberwall Court Phase 2,” Adetola Nola, chief executive officer, Veritasi said during the launch of the project.

“We got several positive reviews from Phase 1, and our investors are happy and satisfied with the success of that project,” he said.

“We look forward to creating more opportunities to invest in Phase 2 as it is taking us a step closer to our vision of providing affordable homes to low and middle-income earners in Nigeria,” he added.

Similarly, Tony Aspire, the president of the Billionaire Realtors Group, commended the Veritasi Homes for the success of the ‘Camberwall Court Project’.

“I am glad to be a part of this initiative Veritasi Homes & Properties is taking to change the game in the real estate industry,” he said.

“Today, we are launching world-class homes at affordable rates for middle and low-income earners in Nigeria, and I urge people to take advantage of this amazing opportunity as real estate appreciates with time,” he further said.

Also speaking at the event, Tobi Yusuff, partner and head of marketing communications, Veritasi said, “The launch of Camberwall Court phase 2 affirms our commitment to provide affordable housing to Nigerians.”

He says the real estate firm is playing its role in ensuring that more sustainable communities are built with affordable housing to meet the needs of Nigerians in urban areas.

“Our approach will enable us to create a sustainable economic impact through the projects that we design and ensuring that it is investment-worthy,” he added.

Veritasi Homes Limited is a premium real estate company driven by value, innovation, and optimum delivery service. The company’s vision is to be a world-class real estate development company.