• Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Missed opportunity: The unfortunate story of AFMPN

Maintaining the drive for a sustainable future

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has dissolved the Association of Facilities Management Pratitioners, Nigeria (AFMPN) following its failure to respond to the regulatory body’s request for explanations to issues raised in a petition submitted against it.

In a letter addressed to the chairman, Board of Trustees at the last known corporate address of AFMPN, the CAC required a response to the issues within 14 days of the date of the letter. It further stated that the company shall be deemed dissolved on the expiration of three months with effect from February 20, 2023.

In what can be described as a missed opportunity to establish a credible professional body to promote the development of facilities management as a critical, professional and strategic business discipline and create a platform for its members to strive in the ever widening scope of work that FM professionals deal with, the leadership of the association decided to exploit the establishment of the body for interests other than the overall interest of the members, some of whom are young, unsuspecting and developing a career in facilities management.

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Some of the issues raised in the petition include:

1) The flagrant violations of the constitution submitted to CAC as part of the documentations to satisfy requirements for incorporation of the professional body.

2) Lack of accountability and transparency in running the affairs of the association.

3) The accounts not open for scrutiny despite reasonable grounds to believe that there are questions to answer regarding the true position of the financial records.

Despite numerous opportunities presented to the leadership of AFMPN for appropriate professional, ethical and legal steps to be taken to resolve the issues in order to preserve and protect the credibility of the association, it has embarked on a desperate path of character assassination of the petitioner to avoid accountability.

With the enormous challenges facing our dear country today as a result of a culture of bad leadership, bad governance, lack of accountability, lack of transparency, greed and manipulation with little or no consequences whatsoever, it is not difficult to understand the reason for yet another example of our failings as a people and nation.

The ignorance, pride and purported power have consumed the ‘establishment’ to the point that it continues to parade itself as leaders to the exclusion of the decision of CAC to dissolve the association.

This is how the impunity of the reckless and willful disregard of the rule of law starts and, when not checked, becomes an elephant in the room.

Enough is enough.