Inadequate housing architecture, ventilation linked to supply, demand gap – Sekoni

Bright Sekoni, the founder and Chief Executive officer of Audacia Prime Realty Limited has explained that houses with inadequate architecture and ventilation in Lagos are increasing because of the country’s population now outnumbers available housing supply.

Shedding light on the state of real estate in Nigeria Sekoni points that, “Nigeria is recognized for its huge terrain, but its resources have yet to be exploited. Nigeria’s population outnumbers the available housing supply.

“That is why we find individuals in Lagos managing spaces and constructing houses with inadequate architecture and ventilation. The crisis presents an opportunity for the real estate industry. In some locations, demand is greater than supply, resulting in a price surge. However, while real estate companies should take advantage of the opportunity, they should not abuse it and exploit the masses.”

The one word that captures standard quality for clients is value and for Sekoni he asks, “How do clients perceive a product or service you are offering? Is it really worth it when compared to other alternatives? What do they stand to gain when they buy from you or partner with you? An important thing entrepreneurs should understand is that businesses thrive only because of amazing clients. To keep these clients, their needs must be met; they must be heard, seen and understood; and value should be given for every dime they spend.”

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Attesting to how far he has come he said that, “For as long as I can remember, I have always been adept at sales and building relationships. I find talking to people easy and I enjoy making genuine connections. After University, I found myself doing many things and in the process, I was introduced to real estate by a mentor. I decided to give it a shot since it seemed like a perfect fit for my personality and goals. The journey so far has been exciting. Audacia has delivered over 3.5 billion naira worth of real estate and I’m grateful for the people I have met and worked with. To be frank, I am just getting started.”

Bright is relentlessly set out to achieve what many thought was impossible which is building the biggest real estate company in Nigeria.

As the creative leader of Audacia Prime Realty Limited, one of Nigeria fastest growing real estate firms, he has established relationship in Nigeria and disapora by making Land acquisition and property development so an easy work.

Bright Sekoni has served in a variety of leadership roles as an Ambassador of the ECOWAS youth and a recipient of 2022 40 under 40 CEO recognition.

Sekoni is leading the formation of a new real estate community, with positive impact in growing real estate businesses in Nigeria.