Gtext Homes opens Banana island office to deepen sustainable real estate investment

…To open Asaba, Abeokuta and Port Harcourt 1st quarter 2022

Driven by the need to develop smart houses that promotes sustainable real estate investment, Gtext Homes, a subsidiary of Gtext Global, recently opened the Banana Island office to deepen sustainable real estate investment that are technologically driven to deliver projects entirely on renewable energy and eco-friendly system for zero-emission with a central power that will be off the national grid by 2025.

Richard Osakwe Ajayi, general manager, Gtext Homes, Banana Island, said the real estate company has taken a strategic move to grow organically with the move to the island.

According to him, every structure and property that will be developed by Gtext Homes will be overseen by top people within the built environment so as not to jeopardize the quality and integrity of its projects. He posits that the move will also help to control structural deficiency on its sites.

“Our vision is high and we need to be in the right place to attract the right people,” said Ajayi, stating that the Banana Island office will help create a different ecosystem for the real estate company.

Ajayi also disclosed that Gtext Homes will work with expatriates from around the world based on their experience to anchor the vision of the real estate company and its drive towards building skyscrapers on its properties.

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According to Ajayi, Gtext Homes’ Banana Island office is to take care of everything that involves housing and construction generally, and will also double as the head office of Gtext Global, which is the parent company of the group.

“Everything that concerns housing; this is where we design; this is where we take decisions; this is where we do structure and layout, while the Gtext Homes, Omole is in charge of anything sales of land,” he stated.

Omotunde Adebowale-David, popularly known as Lolo1, the Gtext Homes brand ambassador, said Gtext is very current about global practices in the real estate sector, especially as it relates to mortgage schemes. According to her, Gtext Homes is growing the business outside Lagos to deliver the right structures that guarantee a return on investment (ROI), for its investors.

Lolo1, who is also a Nollywood actress and radio presenter, posits that a lot of entertainers are of the view that money will continue to flow in, hence they do not make viable investments that can secure their ROI, which is possible making the right investment in the real estate sector.

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