Osun assembly commences handover of power from APC to PDP

Osun State House of Assembly on Monday commenced the handing over of power process with the State of Osun Transition Bill 2022.

Timothy Owoeye, Speaker, Osun State House of Assembly, during the plenary, presented a private member bill drafted by him and tagged ‘” State of Osun Transition Bill 2022″, signalling the commencement of the hand-over of power from the All Progressives Congress (APC) and to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The Bill, which has passed through its second reading, is aimed at a seamless transition from one government to the other on November 27, 2022, when the state will have the Governor-elect, Ademola Adeleke at the helms of affairs of the state.

Owoeye noted that the bill when passed into law will allow for a comprehensive and practical arrangement to regulate, in accordance with the law, the transfer of political power following an election to the office of the Governor.

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The Bill quoted in parts, “ the Bill, when passed into law, will ensure the provision of daily state of the state briefing for the person elected as Governor during the period before the assumption of the office by the person elected as Governor.

“It will also ensure that salaries, allowances, facilities, privileges and the retiring benefits or awards as determined by the Public Service Rules which are due to the holders of respective political offices are paid or accorded to those persons without undue delay; and to undertake any other function which will enable the team to achieve the object of this Bill.

“For the purposes of this Bill, the team shall first meet not later than 14 days after the declaration of the result of the gubernatorial election.

“The decision of the team shall be arrived at by consensus, but where the member fail to agree on an issue, it shall be referred to the Advisory Council for the expedition determinations of the issue.

On the issue of the handing over notes, “the office of the Governor shall prepare a set of comprehensive handing over notes covering the Team of the office of the Governor.”

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