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Kwara PDP Reps’ candidate unveils ‘My offer to serve’ plan

Kwara PDP Reps’ candidate unveils ‘My offer to serve’ plan

Against the general belief that campaigns in this clime are not focused on issues deserving attention, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Ilorin West/Asa Federal Constituency in the next month’s election, Ibrahim Mohammed Ajia took people by surprise as he unveiled an issue-based campaign in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

The popular belief in Nigeria is that campaigns are focused on negative matters which in reality should not be the focus of any serious election campaign.

But Ajia surprised many when he unveiled issue-based campaign based on his plans to make his constituents more comfortable and lively.

His agenda tagged: ‘My Offer to Serve’ was officially launched in the presence of PDP leadership in the state, including party stalwarts and other stakeholders, as they applauded him for the efforts.

Ajia believes that campaign period provides opportunities for both candidates and voters in the run-up to elections, while candidates are expected to use the period to sell themselves and their ideas to voters, likewise voters are also expected to use the campaign period to evaluate candidates and decide whether or not they will vote for them.

The above ideology is the guiding principle of Ibrahim Ajia as he takes his message across his constituency.

Speaking during the official declaration of his manifesto recently, which was well attended by party stalwarts and other dignitaries, Ajia said that his cardinal objective was to ensure human security through meaningful support to the people of his constituency.

Ajia, a philanthropist and retired security chief, said: “Before embarking on this mission to represent the good people of Asa/Ilorin West Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, I considered what was involved, what I wanted to offer, and how I would go about it with integrity and provide them with effective and responsible representation at the Green Chamber.

“Politicians always speak and make promises. Our people have heard so many political promises in the past but not fulfilled.
“However, I want to crave your indulgence to take notes of my words. I would like you to take notice of everything I have said here today and to hold me accountable for my words.
“I grew up in this neighborhood; I understand the history of our people. Since I was young, I have witnessed how my people struggle to make ends meet. I have lived through it all, and understand their experiences. I hawked Amala and Rice on the streets of Ilorin at the age of nine to assist my parents in fending for the family. I understand what it is to struggle for survival.”

Ajia, who reeled out his plans, vowed never to let his people down, saying that “from that experience, I got determined to fight hard to succeed in life; I resolved to be involved in assisting people around me as much as I can. It is that resolution that informed my venture into politics.

“By the grace of Almighty God, I have had the special blessing and privileges of working with prominent personalities from across the nation. I have met, associated with, and engaged with people from all walks of life, in both public and private sectors, in the course of my service in the Nigeria Police Force. After my retirement, I have come to realise that contact and connections with people especially in position of authority is an invaluable asset in this country.

“With due modesty, I will offer my contacts and connections with people of reckon in both the public, private, and diaspora at the disposal of our people in this Federal Constituency and indeed our dear state.
I have demonstrated my commitment to the welfare and well being of our people through the little intervention we have been making through the MIA Foundation.

“By the grace of God and your support, I would be elected as the member of the House of Representatives for Asa/Ilorin West Federal constituency come 25th of February 2023, I pledge to utilise that position to mobilise necessary resources, partnerships, and connections to improve the lives of our people.
“I have captured my vision, mission, objectives, motivation, and path to giving our people effective representation and what our people should expect from me in this document titled ‘My Offer to Serve.’

“I want you to take this document, examine it, and keep it safe. During my tenure and after, ask me questions and take me up on any of the things I have said in this document.”

According to him, “It is therefore, my privilege and honour to present to you gentlemen of the press, our leaders, elders, party faithful, women, youths, all the people and friends of our beloved federal constituency ‘My Offer to Serve.’
“I depend on you to realise the vision outlined in this document. I require your company on this adventure. Please, I implore you, entrust me with your votes on 25th of February 2023. I am convinced that we shall together rewrite the history of Asa/Ilorin West Federal Constituency for good.”

The House of Representatives candidate further said: “My priorities towards achieving responsible and effective representation would include attracting Federal Government presence and support to our communities, active participation in decision-making process in the House of Representatives, building strong partnerships with government contacts and institutions for benefits of our people and making everyone in Asa) Ilorin West federal constituency proud, among other engagements.

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“I resigned from Police at a young age to venture into business and humanitarian services to help the society better than while in the Force, where my desires to do such were not met.”

Asked how he intends to empower youths and women, he said: “The complaint of our youth is about meaningful employment and empowerment; the fact that the governments- Federal and states do not have the capacity to employ all of the population. To do things differently, I will encourage youths to become self-reliant. We also need to encourage our women to do best in their businesses.
“I can assure you that one of the things I am going to do is to train and develop our youth in the area of entrepreneur. I will make sure that farming is seen as a good business, but all this cannot thrive when there is security.

“I will strengthen internal security that will cater for insecurity in our country. Security is diverse in nature which includes health security, environmental, education among others, all these are human security and this are the areas we need to look at.

“For a man to wake up in the morning and be assured that he has food to eat in the morning, afternoon and night, is a sign of security. You have money in picket to go to hospital to cater for your health and be taken care of; you feel secured.
“These are the areas we will make sure that internal security bill be handled and once that is solved, it will create opportunity for business.

“Outside the roles of lawmaking and oversight function; I assure you that a lot of things will be done differently as I will be your voice and your ambassador.

“I am determined to give youth that opportunity to to go into business and be self employed. I will ensure that every year; thousands of my people are out of poverty then we shared prosperity.”

Ajia founded Mohammed Ajia Ibrahim (MAI) Foundation in 2017; a non-governmental organisation set up to offer developmental supports across many sectors.

The Foundation is guided by the motto, ‘HOPE ALIVE’, to provide services through various strategies and initiatives functioning as Youth Capacity Building; Health and Medical Support; Women Empowerment; Poverty Alleviation; Educational, Agricultural Support and Community Development.
The organisation’s vision was to build an independent, neutral, and impartial institution that promotes human welfare, social reforms and relieve suffering.

MAI Foundation has touched many lives in the society. It has treated elderly men and with eye problems for free, donates boreholes to Asa Community and provides internet service to Ori-Oko cafe to aid youths development

MAI Foundation has equally empowered women in Abemi and Alanamu constituencies, and sponsored training for hundreds of journalists in Ilorin to acquire knowledge about digital journalism by Flicks Solutions.

He drilled borehole at Police Secondary School, Bala, built transits camp, presents five industrial fire extinguishers to Alanamu Market, support secondary school girls in Ilorin Grammar School and Asa Secondary School with stationery and as well places Alore Clean and Green women sweepers on monthly allowance.