• Friday, June 21, 2024
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Kano governor unveils panel to probe alleged misconduct by Ganduje

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In a move set to raise eyebrows in Kano’s political circles, Governor Abba Yusuf inaugurated two judicial commissions of inquiry on Thursday. The commissions will investigate allegations of misappropriation of public property, political violence, and missing persons that occurred between 2015 and 2023, during the tenure of former Governor Abdullahi Ganduje.

Governor Yusuf emphasized the non-partisan nature of the inquiries. “This is not a political witch hunt,” he declared, “but a fulfillment of my inaugural pledge to uphold transparency and accountability in governance.”

Unearthing criminal networks and political violence

The first commission, led by Justice Zuwaira Yusuf, will delve into incidents of political violence and missing persons over the eight-year period. The governor urged the commission to identify perpetrators and sponsors of the violence, particularly the “disturbing cases of political killings” witnessed in 2023. Understanding the root causes of this violence is also a key objective, aiming to prevent future outbreaks.

Investigating potential misappropriation

The second commission, headed by Justice Faruk Lawan, takes on the task of investigating alleged misappropriation of public assets by the previous administration. Governor Yusuf specifically directed the commission to focus on potential financial irregularities that may have occurred within and beyond Kano’s borders. He assured the commission members that their pursuit of the truth would have the full backing of the Kano people.

Previous allegations

The announcement comes amidst lingering questions surrounding the arrest of Alhassan Doguwa, a prominent member of the House of Representatives, during the last general election. Mr. Doguwa, who has since been released on bail, faces accusations of arson and murder. It remains to be seen whether these allegations will fall within the purview of the newly formed commissions.

The Kano State government’s commitment to transparency and its focus on past transgressions are certain to be met with keen interest from both local residents and national observers. The findings of these inquiries are likely to shape Kano’s political landscape in the months to come.