IPAC chairman challenges DSS to name, arrest Interim Govt plotters

Yabagi Sani, the National Chairman of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC), has challenged the Department of State Services (DSS) to name and arrest those plotting to install an interim government.

Sani’s call comes as the DSS claims to have received sensitive information concerning individuals who want to truncate the constitution by replacing the president-elect with an interim government.

The DSS had claimed in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Peter Afunaya, on Wednesday that the sponsors of the plot were planning to hide under the guise of protests in major cities and court injunctions to create instability, hence the need for an interim government.

Sani aired his view on this issue on Channels Television Politics Today on Wednesday.

“It is an embarrassment because I believe that the DSS, which is the agency in charge of gathering intelligence, then passes it to other agencies that are supposed to take action in this matter,” Sani said. “I don’t think it serves the purpose of this country for the DSS to make this pronouncement in the manner they are making it.”

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He insisted that what would have made sense was for the DSS to have made arrests, carried out the necessary interrogations, and charged those accused to court rather than create this tension.

He however insisted that those planning this unconstitutional change are politicians. “It is likely to be politicians,” he said.

“Whoever the person is, if they know that the person is doing something that is harmful to us, that will scuttle this democracy…. I think the sensible thing to do is to take the person back into custody and ask him questions.

“But to make this pronouncement to further create some kind of tension, some kind of crisis, as if we are not in control of the situation, does not really meet the requirement of what is expected,” he added.