Guber poll: Jandor, Akindele sign pact with Ajeromi Ifelodun businessmen

The governorship candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos Olajide Adediran Jandor has promised to ensure the greater good of all, especially businessmen, in Lagos, if voted as governor on March 11.

Adediran fondly called Jandor made this solemn promise at a parley with marketers from four major markets around Ajeromi Ifelodun area of Lagos on Monday March 6,2023.

The deputy governorship candidate Funke Akindele, who represented Jandor at the parley urge the business executives from Odunade Building Materials market, Agric Building Materials Market, Coker Allied market and Fire Extinguisher and Equipment market scattered along the axis to give PDP candidates their support, by voting enmasse like they did during the previous presidential election.

“My principal Abdul Azeez Olajide Adediran- Jandor has invested eight good years of structure into this, he knows his onions, he knows what it takes to be a Governor, he has listening ears.

“You all left your towns, you came to Lagos to do business, you add to the revenues by paying your taxes, you all are very important without you there is no Lagos.

“Lagos is for Lagos, we deserve the best in Lagos, we pay our taxes, they say Lagos is rich but we are only rich on paper, take a look at our roads.

“I remember when my father was sick, with all my money before they could take him from the house to the hospital he died.

“The road is bad from Ikorodu to the general hospital, when we got there they put him on the bench and he died, we need to correct all the wrongs and how can we do it?

“By getting an independent Governor that would not wait for approval, a governor that will take decisions, that will listen to the citizens, that is who we want and that is Jandor.

“Hold me by my words I said it today that we will not disappoint you and you will not be put to shame, let’s not sell our votes.

Stating what she will do differently to help the women, the vibrant and successful filmmaker-Akindele stated her passion to help them improve financially.

“As women we should be able to contribute our quota not to always rely on our daddies at all times.

“So I am coming in to protect the women, to offer soft loans to our mothers in the markets.

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“To give them succour because many find it hard to pay back the loans taken from LAPO and other high interest rates charging loan facilities.

Akindele also took a swipe at the state government for not living up to its responsibilities.

“As a government, what are you doing to support the citizens of the state, look at EndSars, our governor could not give us answers. I think it is very sad.

“Who gave the order you can’t tell, under your watch they came in, you can’t tell us, it is sad.

“It is high time we refused to give in to fear, fear will only kill us, let us speak with our PVCs, you know how you out numbered them.

“Look at the history that was made in Lagos State, no party had ever beaten APC in Lagos, look at what happened, you changed the narrative.

“I want to appeal to you, I believe in your strength, in your numbers, we have faith in it. We are all one, If you watch all my contents you will see Ibos, Hausa, Yoruba and Edo on set with me. I am passionate about impacting many people as that far outweighs wealth or any kind of riches.

“I love oneness, happiness and unity, I love to give back to people and stand by the truth and that is what Jandor represents.

“We are not out to destroy anybody, we are not tarnishing anybody’s image.

“We playing politics the proper way, they say politics is dirty, we will do it the right way, we will out number them with the voting citizens of Lagos state, with the people of this beautiful Odunade Building Materials market, you are very important and we are here to beg and ask you to please support PDP.

“Umbrella is our symbol, I urge you to vote for us and we will not put you to shame. I am accessible, I will drop my phone numbers and you will be able to reach us, we know how important you are and that is why I am here today.

“I beg you please on Saturday let us out number them, let us protect our votes, let us wait to count our votes, let us wait for them to upload it. They have promised that BVAS will not mess us up again.

“I have learnt a lot from the last election, the people are very important, democracy has to be practiced to the fullest. We will not back down, we are not violent, we will not fight physically but we will fight with our numbers and our PVCs and we will stand to protect it.”

The PDP candidate for Lagos House of Assembly Ajeromi Ifelodun 1 constituency Lukmon Odumosu allayed the fears of the people regarding the threats and intimidation that pervades the political space.

“I promise to provide basic welfare needs for our people and together with Jandor no body can threaten you, there will be adequate security.

The market leaders who took turns to speak commended the preparedness of the PDP candidates to right the wrongs into the Lagos polity, while also using the opportunity to present their demands to them.

Collins Okorie the President of Odunade Building Materials Association reiterated the fact that the good neighbourliness has been their attribute in the market, while disabusing the minds of all gathered that they will do all in their power to keep the bond.

He however gave a commitment to reach out to members on the need to support the party with their votes.

He noted that the market lacks a fire station, a situation they are not comfortable with, given the ever busy nature of the markets.

Valentine Ononuju the President Fire Extinguisher and Equipment market expressed his detest for those threatening the people not to vote, describing it as a selfish stance.

He however counseled the PDP not to leave their agents hungry as this might make them easy to compromise.

“To dethrone an incumbent will be tough, you need to maintain your stand in the centre of the battle till the very end, Lagos is not for one man”, he said.

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