• Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Governor-elect advised to carry Rivers’ youth along

Rivers’ indigenes in diaspora decry politics of intimidation in state

The man who seems to command the attention of the youth of Rivers State, Tony Okocha of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has given what looks like the key of success to the governor-elect, Sim Fubara of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking Tuesday evening at the Elechi Poly arena where the youth of the state came together to celebrate the victory of the new state chief executive, Okocha, the convener of the rally, who says he is now the leader of the opposition APC in the state (instead of Chibuike Amechi), advised Fubara to involve the youth of the state in forming his government and formation of his policies.

This way, Okocha said, Sim would have involved and carried along all Rivers segments because, as he put it, the youth form the biggest portion of the state.

The Knight of Saint Christopher and Justice of the Peace (JP) told newsmen during the victory rally that the person that has emerged is first a youth. “So, it is your government. Rivers youth are very industrious, focused, and level-headed. This is because while others are fighting in their states, the youths here organized themselves in a summit where they decided on what to do. One of it was to vote for Sim and it came to pass. So, it is their government.”

He said the youths came out in their thousands to celebrate the victory of Sim Fubara. “Yesterday, the governor-elect emerged in Rivers State. So, we are here to celebrate.”

He recalled how the governor of the state, Nyesom Wike, was at the same arena to appeal to the youths to support his candidate who will continue with his development strides.

“The governor promised that after the election, that they would come here to reciprocate, to rejoice with the youths. That is why we are here.”

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On expectations, Okocha, who leads a factional rival in the APC, said change cannot be in one day (radical). “This man that has emerged, my brother Knight, that is now governor-elect that would be sworn in on May 29th, will continue and consolidate on the achievements of the governor of the state. And for crying out loud, there is something you cannot take away from the governor of the state. It is that he has been accepted by the entire Nigeria as a performer. He was confirmed through an award as ‘Mr Projects’ by the highest authority in the land, the FG of Nigeria.

“In Nigeria, if you are somebody who is going to serve in his shoes, and the person says he is going to continue and consolidate rather breaking away from my predecessor’s work, you know that Rivers State will be looking up for something massive.”

He said as leader of the APC, his group is supporting the PDP candidate. “What you are seeing in Rivers State today is a new order in our political landscape. If the people have said, this is who we want, and he won in all LGAs clean and clear, so it shows that there is a kind of unanimity in the decision of the people that this person will be their governor. So, as the leader of the APC in Rivers State, I do not find anything wrong in this.

“He has promised to run a government of unity, meaning all political parties will be part of the government. I do not see anything wrong in it.”

Speaking, Chijioke Ihunwo, the Rivers State chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), explained the excitement of the youths in the state and at the arena.

“We are here to rejoice. We are very happy because Sim represents young people. We are happy that a young person is taking over. I appreciate the youths for not allowing the elections to go bad. We are happy he is going to continue where Gov Wike stopped.

“Rivers youths are overwhelmed that we have a governor that represents young people. He was a teacher, permanent secretary, accountant, a someone with experience. What I see here is show of love from him and the governor. The youths are very happy.”

Ihunwo advised the losers to embrace the new government and work together to move the state forward.

“We have hope in Sim and he will not fail the youths. He has assured us and said look, the government coming is one for unity and for young people. Rivers people should jubilate. The governor has tried to produce a successor like this. From Dr Peter Odili and Chibuike Amaechi, none has done this. Wike should go home and sleep because Sim will not disappoint.”