• Friday, December 01, 2023
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Bola Akinyemi: How Isreal is pushing US for third world war

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Bola Akinyemi, a former minister of Foreign Affairs, has claimed that Isreal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was trying to use the renewed conflict between Israel and Hamas to start World War 111 by creating a confrontation between the United States and Iran.

Akinyemi stated this on AriseTV Morning Show on Tuesday, while commenting on the ongoing Isreal-Palestinian renewed conflict which has claimed more than 4, 000 lives on both side since Saturday when the conflict began.

Akinyemi said the United States has said there was no evidence linking Iran with Hamas attacks on Isreal, noting that there would be no end to the conflict if the United Nations could not get land for Palestinians.

“Netanyahu is trying to start a 111 world war by pushing America into a direct military confrontation with Iran.

“America has said they don’t have evidence that Iran is behind the attacks in Israel, and scholars, the media are backing Israel for all these things.

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“Let the UN get a homeland for Palestinians; the crisis will not stop until this is done; we would continue to have the UN guarantee that Palestinian state.

“If we get a state for the Palestinians at the recommendation of the United Nations, I think there may be end to all this conflict.

“The Palestinian has not fought Isreal alone, it has always fought them with the backing of the World.

“Isreal can’t have peace without peace in that area and UN must ensure there is peace in that area”.

The former Minister said he wanted to send a warning to the United States and the European Union against their constant support of Israel, but said that his warning would not be heeded as the Europeans still felt guilt related to the Second World War.

He said although what Israel has gone through during the Second World War was horrible, it was not the Palestinian or Arab that inflicted the Holocaust on them.

He said,” They must realize that the government in Israel that they are supporting is the most atrocious government that Israel has ever had.

“The world must remind both sides that both sides are criminals, both sides are criminals and they are breaking the law, and they must be reminded of the law. Leaders of both sides are not behaving like men of honour”.