• Monday, May 27, 2024
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APC chieftains condemn coordinated witch-hunt of Yahaya Bello, say EFCC not above the law

Bello sacks Kogi Health commissioner

Chieftains of the All Progressives Congress have urged governors, former governors, and others with political exposure to oppose what they perceive as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)’s unfair targeting of Yahaya Bello, the former Kogi State governor.

Jesutega Onokpasa, the Tinubu Media Support Group’s chairman, addressed the press, flanked by Abubarkar Iliyasu and Felix Etedjere, in Abuja on Sunday. He criticised the public portrayal of Bello’s legal challenges, labeling it a deliberate attack on a citizen and former state governor.

Onokpasa dismissed claims of the former governor avoiding arrest as unfounded, noting that a court order exists preventing the EFCC from detaining or prosecuting him. He emphasised the principle that no entity, including the EFCC, is exempt from the law.

“As far as we are aware, former Governor Bello had obtained a court order retraining the EFCC from arresting, arraigning or prosecuting him and we state categorically that he was perfectly entitled in law to place reliance on the protection of the law, indeed the same law, which binds all of us in a civilized society,” the APC chieftains said.

He questioned the involvement of Bello’s political opponents’ lawyer in the EFCC’s actions and condemned threats of military force against him. Onokpasa argued that the appropriate response to a court order is to challenge or appeal it, not for law enforcement to act in defiance.

He accused the EFCC of unprofessional conduct by publicising the case instead of pursuing it legally. He also noted the withdrawal of Bello’s security detail, which he claimed was done improperly.

The APC chieftain called for a halt to what he sees as a campaign against a citizen and former governor. He appealed to citizens and political figures to stand against these actions, warning that anyone could be the next target.

“We enjoin all well-meaning citizens of our great nation to repudiate these excesses even as we call on all sitting Governors, former Governors and all politically exposed persons to stand against this utter travesty.

“Today, it may be Yahaya Bello’s turn but tomorrow it might be yours”, he said.