• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Activist urges Obaseki to clear air over demolition of Central Hospital

Nigeria will break if APC comes into power – Obaseki

Patrick Eholor, a human rights activist, has urged Governor Godwin Obaseki to keep Edo people in the loop over the condition of Central Hospital Benin, which has in the past few months generated controversies.

Eholor opined that if the governor discloses his plans about the century-old secondary hospital currently being demolished, then it would help to dispel the controversies that he is planning to use the site for a different purpose.

According to him, the hospital was built by the colonial masters and if the government is going to move the hospital, they must inform the citizens whether it will be expanded or will be relocated to another area for civilisation or to develop new areas.

“Edo people are not aware of what he is doing, there are speculations that he is going to build a park, a monument among others on the site. We are not supposed to be speculating or live in assumption as a people when we have a government because they are supposed to tell the people what they are doing.

“Without the people, there is no government. So, I think the government should communicate with the people,” he said.

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The activist, who is the president of one love foundation, equally asked President Muhammadu Buhari to graciously resign and apologise to Nigerians for saying age is telling on him and thus cannot work for long hours in office.

Ehorlor, while speaking with journalists at the weekend in Benin City, said it would be honourable for him to resign considering the prevailing economic challenges confronting Africa’s largest economy.

“If a man comes out clearly to say he is weak and age is telling on him, then he should just resign. Why can’t he just resign and say I am sorry I have disappointed Nigerians that voted for me; it is a complicated issue I thought I can carry this load but it is too heavy for me. In my opinion, that is what a man of dignity would do.

“He should resign and apologise to Nigerians and stop looking for our sympathy and empathy. How does he expect us to feel? When he became president, the dollar was below N560, a bag of rice is now almost N40,000, a significant increase from the previous amount.

“So, the man should graciously resign and apologise to Nigerians for posterity sake,” Eholor said.

He, however, added his voice to the prohibition of open grazing, urging the government to embrace ranching and support Nigerians planning to invest in it.