• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Activist asks Christian bodies to oppose Muslim-Muslim ticket by voting

Activist asks Christian bodies to oppose Muslim-Muslim ticket by voting

Moses Onodua, a Benin-based human rights activist, has urged the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) to demonstrate they are against the Muslim-Muslim ticket by casting their votes in the forthcoming general election.

Onodua said that the APC has decided who will fly the party’s presidential ticket and it is now the duty of the Christian groups to mobilise their followers to vote for the party which flies the same religious ticket in the 2023 general election or not.

The activist, while reacting to the APC’s single faith ticket for the presidential seat, opined that the ruling party did not put the interest of other religious groups into consideration in its pursuit of choosing a running mate knowing full well that Nigeria is a multi-religious state.

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“APC have made their choice of what is best for them, then, CAN and PFN should also make their choice. Then, we will now test our might in the 2023 general election,” he said.

“According to statistics, Nigeria is dominated by Christians and Muslims. I don’t have the figures now but by some projections that I was made to understand, that as at today, the population of Christians is more than Muslims in Nigeria. So, in other words, Nigeria is not a Muslim country neither can it be a Christian country.

“So, Nigeria is a secular country. So, if you want to aspire to become the leader of Nigeria, you must do everything humanly possible, even though it is not constitutionally enshrined, to make sure that you carry the two major religious groups along in your decisions in order to appear to be fair to everyone in this country.

“But, what the APC has done is that they have now decided that they don’t have the interest of the entire nation at heart rather they are concerned with a particular segment of the Nigerian society, which is the Muslim community. So, we will see what comes out of the ticket as 2023 is around the corner,” he said.