• Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Adenike Adeyemi: Leveraging financial expertise in empowering businesses


Adenike Adeyemi is a seasoned financial expert with over sixteen years of finance experience with exposure to both local and international organizations across multiple geographies including Nigeria, the United States and Europe. Her varied experience in providing finance and accounting expertise, ERP delivery, audit, tax advisory, strategy, compliance and risk management services has provided her with a well-rounded perspective necessary to meet the business and financial needs of organizations.

Currently positioned as a Senior Financial Accountant at Oxford University Press in Cary, North Carolina, Adenike has significantly shaped financial landscapes and driven transformative initiatives in every role she undertook. Adenike’s role extends beyond core financial operations, as she supports the organization across a variety of global operational processes, which enables them to make efficient sound financial decisions, in line with global best practices.

Adenike’s dedication extends beyond the corporate realm, as she also doubles as a Volunteer Mentor and Coach at the SCORE Non-profit organization in collaboration with the United States Small Business Administration as part of her contribution and service to the North Carolina Business community in the United States. She has successfully mentored almost 100 business owners in 2 years with over half of them being black small business owners in the Chapel-Hill Durham area, with primary focus on developing their capacity on finance, strategy, funding and operational issues. Her passion is evident in her support for small business owners, guiding them in setting up and scaling their businesses to foster vibrant small business communities and grow the economy through increased jobs and stronger businesses.

Her role at Oxford University Press spans across the US, Canada and UK operations. Adenike leads with unparalleled expertise as she possesses a drive to create and implement robust solutions that bring about sustainable impact, transforming businesses and developing strong communities, leading to strengthening the economy.

As a consummate business professional, she has meticulously managed the entire organization’s periodic reporting process, annual budgeting and financial cycle as well as presentation of financial reports. In addition to her core finance skills, her keen ERP knowledge and data analytical abilities are evident in her extensive use of data tools and ERP – Tableau, Power BI, SQL and SAP S4 HANA and others in highlighting key operational KPIs and results. Adenike’s impact resonates in the deep-dive variance reporting, where her insightful commentaries drive continuous improvement and cost-cutting initiatives, amounting to savings of over $500k.

Adenike is an alumna of North Carolina State University, with an MBA from the Jenkins Graduate School Of Management, Raleigh, North Carolina. She is an Associate of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) and Fellow Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN). A Shell Global CEO Award recipient for Commercial Mindset & Value Creation – $2M Cost Savings.

As part of Adenike’s contribution to small businesses in conjunction with SCORE non-profit, she has been co-mentoring with the local teams, sharing educational webinars on key business skills, and providing relevant tools, templates, articles, blogs, and additional valuable resources. Due to her combined efforts in community service with non-profits, she has been involved in assisting more and more clients across the county and state lines who are developing and growing regional, national, and international businesses. Her work with small businesses in conjunction with SCORE has been recognised by the Governor of North Carolina as part of the economic recovery initiatives to help build economic resiliency for the state’s tourism and outdoor recreation industries, which impacts small businesses.

She plays a pivotal role in driving the consolidated budget, financial planning & forecasting processes, valued at over $500 million. Adenike meticulously leverages corporate planning strategy, collates inputs, reviews numbers using trend analysis, and presents the final output to Group leadership, ensuring strategic financial decisions.
In addition to her financial acumen, Adenike champions technological advancements. She is spearheading the current ERP migration from legacy SAP systems to SAP S4/HANA. Her ability to evaluate business processes, anticipate requirements, and implement solutions has been instrumental. Adenike’s strategic mindset is evident as she designs business processes, workflow charts, and gathers critical information from stakeholders, producing valuable reports.

Adenike also functions as a Finance Business Partner, collaborating seamlessly with warehouse operations. Her role in driving process improvement through cost optimization strategies and ad-hoc deep-dive analysis, leveraging data analytics and automated dashboards, showcases her ability to identify trends and drive valuable business insights.

Adenike’s illustrious career includes roles at Sahara Energy Resource Limited, Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited, and Deloitte. At Sahara Energy Resource Limited, she served as the Financial Reporting & Accounting Team Lead, driving meticulous period-end processes, reviewing journals, reconciling accounts, and preparing comprehensive financial reports. Her contributions were pivotal in reducing vendors’ payment cycles, improving liquidity, and managing costs effectively.
At Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited, Adenike excelled as a Senior Project Accountant / Finance Analyst in the Portfolio Projects Team. Her innovative approach led to the development of new reporting templates, overhaul of project cash call processes, and implementation of expenditure tracking mechanisms. These initiatives resulted in significant cost reductions, improved liquidity, and enhanced transparency in financial processes.
Adenike’s foundational experiences at one of the biggest professional accountancy firms in the world, Deloitte equipped her with a profound understanding of audit and tax procedures, ensuring a holistic approach to her financial expertise. While at Deloitte as a Senior Tax Associate, she was responsible for tax compliance engagements, providing clients’ with tax planning and advisory support. This included liaising with key stakeholders in new and existing client organizations.

With a career defined by passion, innovation and service, Adenike Adeyemi stands as a testament to heights financial expertise can reach. Her unwavering dedication to driving financial excellence, coupled with her commitment to empower and scale small businesses through community service, makes her a transformative force in every sphere she enters. Adenike’s future pursuits are marked by the promise of even greater achievements, making her a standout professional in the world of finance.