• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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The top 3 places to sell your stuff online


It’s not yard sale season ― so what do you do if you have a bunch of junk you need to unload? Selling your stuff online can be an easy and effective solution. Selling your unwanted items online is definitely nothing new, but as time progresses, different platforms have popped up, while others have faded into obscurity.

If your “get rid of” items are starting to pile up, here are three websites where you could sell your stuff today.

Facebook garage sales

Facebook garage sales are my absolute favourite place to unload my unwanted stuff. Unlike listing your items on Craigslist, you won’t instantly be bombarded with tons of phone calls and texts from buyers wanting more details on the item.

Instead, interested buyers can send you direct messages or simply comment on your post. You can then add a comment to the post clearing up the most asked questions in one place, where everyone can read them.

Plus, with Facebook Garage sales, it’s so simple to send your item back to the top of the feed. You simply type a comment on your post, and it shoots straight back to the top. (Just don’t do this too much. Most yard sale groups have rules on how often you can do this.)

The best thing about selling your items on Facebook is the exposure. Many people are obsessed with Facebook and check their news feed every few minutes. This is good for you, since it means you’ll have a large and engaged pool of potential buyers.


The most attractive thing about eBay is that you don’t have to worry about meeting someone in person. You simply list your item online, and then ship it to the purchaser. While shipping items can be a hassle, eBay is the best method for people who don’t like meeting up with strangers.

Another good thing about eBay is that you can very easily research the popularity of the items you’re selling, as well as their going rate. You could even use eBay as a tool to price items you’re selling on other platforms.


Craigslist is my least favourite place to sell unwanted items, due to the fact that my phone blows up with calls every time I list something on the site. I always give the option to be contacted by phone or email, but it seems like Craigslist buyers prefer to call.

Even though I haven’t been particularly thrilled with my Craigslist selling, I know a lot of people who have had a ton of success ― especially with bigger items like cars or appliances.

Just start selling

Selling your unwanted items online can be an awesome way to generate extra income. Some people even manage to make a business out of it. It’s important, however, to not be too trusting.

If you have to meet up with a buyer, bring someone else to ride along with you. And, of course, it’s always better to meet in a public place than have a buyer come to your home.

Overall, if you need to clear out your unwanted items before garage sale season, selling online with one of these three websites is a great option.