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What does a social media manager do in Nigeria?

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A social media manager is a person whose primary duty is to manage an organization’s social media networks. This is done by creating a social media strategy, creating quality content, studying analytics, enhancing customer support and managing the organization’s ad campaigns.

To become a social media manager, you must have great communication skills, be a professional in the usage of most social media platforms and also earn a recognised degree.

Social media management is usually a separate role in most large companies and organisations. However, in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), social media management can be merged with some other marketing roles. The most common is social media marketing and digital marketing.

Social media manager salary in Nigeria

The average monthly salary for a social media manager in Nigeria is between #87,000 to #105,000. The monthly salary varies based on some factors, including the level of experience, level of education, the employing company and general situation of the social media management industry.

Another crucial factor that influences the monthly salary of a social media manager in Nigeria is geographical location. For instance, a social media manager working in a company in Lagos State will most probably get paid more than a friend working in Sokoto State.

The average monthly salary for a social media manager in Nigeria at the entry level is #87,000. This also applies to most social media managers with 0 -2 years work experience. For the Mid level with over 3 years work experience, a monthly salary of #90,000 and above should be expected.

How to become a social media manager in Nigeria

According to Indeed, here are 7 steps to become a social media manager in Nigeria.

1. Earn basic experience in social media management, social media marketing and social media strategies.

2. Earn a degree from a recognized institution. Alternatively, you can gain relevant work experience (and probably a certificate) from a reputable company.

3. Create your own social media page and publish valuable content on a regular basis.

4. Learn how to use common social media tools and analytics.

5. Go for extra training from time to time.

6. Create your own portfolio, accessible online.

7. Build good relationships with reputable and high profile companies on their social media channels.

Skills needed by a social media manager

Time management: Social media managers, most especially the freelancing type, need to manage their time very well. This is because they work for many clients every day. Being time efficient means that they create and publish content at the appointed time.

Fluent language skills and error-free content: This is another important skill needed by a social media manager in Nigeria. A social media manager must possess great spelling and grammar. Also, the person should be fluent in the English language and also make use of tools like Grammarly. That way, the organization whose social media network you are managing will look more competent and professional.

Customer support skills: A social media manager should know how to politely reply to comments on posts, regardless of the nature of the comment. A comment by a member of the audience sounding like an insult should still be responded to politely. Good customer service will help an organization look professional.

Visual eye: Most social media managers in Nigeria work together with graphic designers for their imagery and visual content. However, some social media managers can create their own if they have the tools and some basic skills. Either way, a good visual eye is needed to know which image to use and which one to not.

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Duties of a social media manager

Creating and applying a social media strategy: It is right to argue that this duty falls upon the social media marketer of the organization. But what if it’s a small or medium-sized company? Companies like that might not include the budget for both social media marketing and social media management. In situations like that, an employee will have to perform both duties.

Either way, it is a wise thing for a social media manager to have good knowledge in social media marketing. That way, it will be easier to do certain tasks, such as creating a social media marketing strategy.

A social media strategy is a document that highlights your social media goals, the strategy you will use to achieve them and various ways to track your progress. In short, your social media strategy is a summary of everything you plan to do and achieve on your social media networks. If applied effectively, a good social media strategy will bring in more traffic, engagement, sales leads and customers.

Manage social media networks of the organization: Another duty that a social media manager does in Nigeria is managing and controlling the day-to-day handling of all the social media channels owned by the company. This may include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. The social media manager creates and publishes content daily on these platforms on behalf of the company.

Promoting conversation: One of the things that a social media manager does is the managing and enhancing of social media communities. This is done by replying to social media posts and comments and also developing discussions on the platform.

Measuring progress of the company on social media platforms: Among the things that a social media manager does in Nigeria is the monitoring, tracking, analyzing and reporting the progress and performance of the organization’s social media channels. This is usually done with analytics and insight tools like Google Analytics and Facebook insights.

Monitoring close competitors: Spying on the company’s or client’s competitors is one of the activities that a social media manager performs. Watching and spying on a successful competitor is a good way to stay ahead in the social media industry.

Educating and training fellow employees: One of things a social media manager does is the training of other staff members on the usage of common social media platforms. Doing this will make all notable employees in your firm literate on social media. Also, promoting the use of social media in your company can allow in-house tasks.

For example, if another employee is needed to assist you on a part-time basis, the company won’t have to recruit a new person. One of the already-existing employees can fit into such a position, since the knowledge needed for the role is already acquired.

Performing certain tasks on behalf of the company: A social media manager frequently talks with the agency customers through social media. At times, it can also be through sending and responding to emails or dialing and receiving business calls on telephone.

Budget management: A social media manager in Nigeria should be able to take a critical look at the company budget and the social media platform, and then come up with a budget that will suffice for all the social media activities and campaigns.

Also, the social media manager is in charge of controlling the allocated revenue so that the company’s marketing will progress while spending as little as possible.