• Friday, May 24, 2024
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The New Nigeria We Want

The New Nigeria We Want

Silence is Golden but when you are quiet when you should speak, you have condoned that which you should speak against. This past week has shown that poor leadership is not just a local issue it is a national issue in all parts of Nigeria and it affects us all. Are we taking responsibility for our actions?

Our educational system is in shambles and we all have to play our part to improve it. The alarming increase in unemployment, violence, poor living conditions, food price hike, inequality and decay of the health sector are also worrisome. As individuals we need to pitch in and play our part.
I call on private organisations to help support the government in rebuilding the conditions in the country and support the government as they can in their own way. The government on the other hand needs to listen and deliver on their jobs as elected leaders of the Citizens.

Religious organisations need to support the government and systems, there is need for the religious organisations to create systems where they can pay for education or health care for the local communities.

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Education: The teachers should be trained again on the global standard and curriculum and system of education should be highly invested in. We need free and compulsory education for all children at least to the primary level ( although I will recommend secondary). They should support reading culture and partner with firms and organisations that can improve the values in the educational sector.

The health sector: It needs a total Reform and upgrade. The hospitals need more equipment, better equipment and Better Care. Health workers need a better pay and allowance to enable them have confidence in doing their jobs. Protective and safety equipments must be available because they are always on the front line and we all know that health is wellness.

Entrepreneurship: There are several organisations that already support entrepreneurs by giving them grant, providing mentoring, adequate training and proper education on different sectors of the industry they have chosen to venture into and build their businesses. These are the type of organisations that need to be encouraged and supported by the government to ensure growth in the economy and the country consequently.
Vocational centres that are valuable and relevant where people can get adequate, digital training that is useful in this digital age. It is also essential to have standard adult learning centres fully fitted with global learning curriculum. This can be available at sate level and accessible to the local communities. There should be funding available after the vocational training is completed by the students.

A better country is essential for us all. What we need can be achieved if we are accountable and determined. Supporting the government is necessary for development. Holding our leaders accountable is also important for our development. Individuals, private organisations, religious organisations and government all have to come together and push for development and growth as a Nation.

As a Life Coach and trainer, I will continue to play my part as a citizen and grow the country irrespective of the challenges I face as an entrepreneur. I urge us all to show up and play our parts let posterity be kind to us all. Nigeria will be great again, we cannot give up now. Let us take a cue from other countries that have pushed and achieved development. We cannot ignore the cries of our people. There has to be a working solution to these issues. The death of our heroes passed will not be in vain.