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Living with and managing depression

Living with and managing depression

Depression is an affliction of the mind by the devil. When afflicted, one may feel that there may not be light at the end of the tunnel. Anybody can be depressed at any point in time. It all depends on how it is handled at its early stage. It is a crisis-laden condition that deprives one of joy even peace. Some health concerns cannot be cured but has to be endured, managed and gotten along with.

This does not negate the fact that divine healing can miraculously set an individual free from any illness or bondage. Mental health disorders are very perculiar and quite challenging as well. Apart from genetics, environment, drug abuse, trauma, betrayals, grief, some young adults tend to experience emotional and psychological crisis as they embrace the challenges of adulthood.

It normally occurs around mid-twenties which if properly handled do not give room for more concern. Some symptoms of depression include: apathy, lethargy, withdrawal, fatigue, lack of drive and interest in what one has always enjoyed.

Depression not only affects mood, also thought and behaviour are changed. If the symptoms are detected early and treated, that may just be the end. With insight, early treatment and detection saves a lot of troubles. But when a patient is in denial and warning signs are ignored, it makes the matter complex and complicated.

This is the most critical part of handling persons with depressive disorder. For someone to miss sleep for five days and still did not feel that something is amiss, calls for attention and help of a healthcare giver. Medical science has proven that the deeper our sleep, the more rest our body would get.

Insomnia is a big problem for depressed folks. Here, we can talk of engaging the services of professionals and health personnels. A diagnosis is needed from a psychiatrist to ascertain the nature of the disorder. Most times, visiting a Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital does not go down well with many people.

Some expect to see an asylum of lunatics and persons out of touch with reality. Unarguably, it is a place to visit not just for consultation but for several purposes because it houses the consultant, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurses, other nurses and health care givers.

When one is diagnosed with mild, moderate or severe depression, bipolar or schizophrenia, it is in the best interest of his care givers to make sure that the loved one is compliant and regular with checkup and consultation.

Managing depression cannot be the same with finding the cause of the disorder. Sometimes, a CT-Scan is needed to detect the part of the brain affected. Depression is a mental/psychological disorder. It is a disability as well. Most advanced countries of the world subsidize the cost of psychedelic drugs and give patients a welfare package.

The hopelessness, guilt, pain, fear, regret, desperation and despair that accompany depressed individuals should be condoled and not taunted. The stigma patients face after series of relapse calls for empathy. The number of insane, mad, ruffled, tattered, and naked persons in different markets, streets and corners reminds us that depression is real and that mental disorder deserves all the attention.

The mad man of Gadara in Mark5:1-19 tell us that demons and unclean spirits take their throne in the minds of mentally unstable. When our thought process is corrupted and we lose touch with reality, our behaviours tend to evoke pity rather than criticism.

Whether it is brain fag, nervous breakdown, stress or exhaustion, our mind naturally does not need to be bombarded with negativity, bias or hatred. The neuro transmitters in the brain could decrease and lead to malfunctioning of the brain. No one can manage depression well without proper care, guidance, direction and education.

The world of the depressed seems to have crashed and the victim often dwell in the past. The power to take charge and reinvent the future is lacking for the depressed. He or she wallows in self-pity, shame and hopelessness.

The desires, urges and cravings that depressed person has could lead to addiction if not properly managed. The absence of some neurotransmitters has led to the shortage of feel-good hormones as; dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin.

A good psychiatrist is usually known by his or her strong spirituality and a good relationship with God. The twisted emotions of the depressed and the corrupted thoughts need a re-alignment to the original framework.

This tells you that God who created us has a reason for doing that. Managing depression entails that the person should draw closer to God and renew the purpose for which he was created which Satan has tried to thwart.

Undoubtedly, drawing closer to God through His Word is a good way to reset the mindset of the depressed. Due to the sadness, passion lessness, and drudgery that affect the depressed, he or she may try to take solace in alcohol, sex, drug or harmful/toxic relationships.

Being good, nice, helpful and generous can help as well as joining a support group. The depressed need moral, social and financial support. Heeding the counsel of the psychiatrist or the therapies from the psychologist, counsellor will help especially as it concerns getting back to hobbies, pastimes, new skills and up-skills. Facing the future with hope is a great way to manage depression.

It is advisable to see your consultant at least once every month. The symptoms may not stop in one day but adherence to medical guidelines is a good way towards recovery.

It is good to take your medications religiously. Some pastors may advise you to stop medications and go with faith and prayer. This has ruined many lives. The merchandize with mentally ill patients in prayer houses, deliverance centers, herbalists’ home, fetish priest and priestesses leaves much to be desired.

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God wants all His children to be happy at all times. A gloomy spirit is of the devil who continually wants us to be in sorrow. You may have aches, pains in joints or changes in appetite. All can be properly managed. The pathway for depression in men differs from that of women.

Depression can come as a result of other physical health conditions like heart disease or diabetes. If you are having suicidal thoughts, talk with your doctor. To increase motivation and help the unwillingness to get out of bed, have a physical exercise regimen even if it walking. Always have your to-do-list ready for each day.

Living with depression can be very disturbing but since every level of life is a learning curve; managing it could be enriching as well. Meditation, music, dance and reading should be practiced. Joining a fellowship and a Bible Study Group could be of immense help.

Most people with depressive disorder have difficulty keeping a job or being active. Their finances are usually in a mess due to the episodes. Nonetheless, with determination and therapies, you can scale through the hurdles. Self-harm and destruction affect depressed persons and that is why they should be closely monitored. Talking about your condition does not mean you have to tell everyone but trusted counsellors and therapists could be relied upon for better results.

Most importantly, it is relevant to state that the person managing and living with depression can do virtually anything and everything. You can work anywhere, serve anywhere or put yourself through any venture. That you have depression does not mean you will not suffer from other physical ailments and diseases.

While living with depression, it is good that you eat healthy diet, observe good hygiene, maintain your oral health and keep in touch with your GP. Finally, it is advisable to beam a toothy smile to everyone you meet each and every day.

Filling our minds with hatred for those we felt did not show up in our trying times will not help matters. Rather, forgive them. Let go and move on! Making new friends and engaging in new possibilities is always endless. The average life span of a person living with depression is high and the prognosis is good.