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Kwankwaso: The unrivalled enigma and political juggernaut

Kwankwaso: The unrivalled enigma and political juggernaut

Few personalities in the Nigerian political space stand as tall and unassailable as Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the former governor of Kano State and a veteran statesman. An enigma and a political juggernaut, Kwankwaso’s influence on the country’s political landscape remains indelible.

The attempts to suspend him by certain groups within the New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP) where he flew the flag as its presidential candidate during the last general elections have proven to be mere trivialities in the face of his unwavering resolve.

From his tenure as Kano State governor to his role as a Senator and Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Kwankwaso’s politics has been consistently above board: upright, justice and fairness for all Irrespective of tribe or religion, utilitarian policies, inclusion and fearlessness.

In an overall assessment based on available facts, Kwankwaso remains one Nigerian who is detribalized building bridges of friendship from Osogbo to Auchi to Nnewi to Uyo to Kano Abeokuta in equal passion and commitment to national integration and development.

Through the formidable kwankwasia Movement the Kwankwaso was able to galvanize support across diverse socio-political groups just in less than a year after joining the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), flying its presidential flag during the last general election with high electoral value within the short period of time.

Or how could one have described the political powerhouse Kwankwaso has become after he emerged fourth from the highly contested presidential race, taking Kano state from the more formidable ruling All People’s Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). NNPP also has reasonable membership of the Nigerian Senate and House of Representatives members from the major Northen States, all because Kwankwaso’s people-centred genre of politics.

The question in the mind of watchers of the unfolding political drama in NNDP is what was the political value and membership of NNDP before the entry of Kwankwaso? What were the contributions to the electoral fortunes of the party during the last general elections among the dramatis persona especially the so-called founder? If they succeed in their ill-advised plan to force Kwankwaso out of NNPP what will be left of the party? Methinks that this is another orchestrated power play from unseen forces already jittery of the rising profile of Senator Kwankwaso in Nigeria’s political firmament.

Could it also be that the power that be is presently causing internal wranglings within the party just to pull down the Kano state born politician.

This has been the fate of the Labour Party (LP) in recent times with too many distractions from opposition within the party while fighting its political future at the election’s tribunal as divided entity.

Kwakwanso’s political career and story spanning over two decades, is one of resilience, shrewdness, and an unwavering commitment to the betterment of his constituents.

However, even a figure of such stature is not immune to the complexities of Nigerian politics. Recent attempts by an amorphous group within the NNPP to suspend Kwankwaso from the party where he is already the only leading light has only served to underscore his unyielding influence.

In the face of these maneuvers, the enigma that is Kwankwaso remains unfazed, continuing to command respect from both his supporters and adversaries alike. Kwankwaso’s popularity and influence can be attributed to his unwavering commitment to the welfare of the masses, particularly in Kano State.

His administration’s emphasis on infrastructural development, quality education, and accessible healthcare earned him the trust and adoration of the people. These achievements continue to serve as a testament to his effective governance style and his ability to translate promises into tangible results.

Moreover, Kwankwaso’s political savvy is undeniable. His strategic maneuvers and alliances have consistently positioned him as a key player in national politics. His ability to bridge the gap between diverse groups, along with his deep-rooted connections across the country, reinforces his status as a political juggernaut who cannot be easily sidelined.

Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso’s name reverberates across the country as a symbol of steadfastness and principled leadership. While certain groups may attempt to undermine his stature, the reality is clear: Kwankwaso’s legacy and influence remain unshaken, making him an enigmatic figure who continues to shape the destiny of Nigeria’s political landscape.

But on the contrary, a cursory look at the root of the wranglings leading to the fiasco in the party points to the fact that politics remains the biggest industry in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Therefore, most people are willing to throw the kitchen sink at anyone perceived as standing on their way to getting a front row seat in the sharing of the National cake.

The result is that though Nigeria have been long recognized as a potential powerhouse on the global stage, as the years pass by, Nigeria as once-promising political giant finds itself in a state of limbo, grappling with a complex web of challenges that seem to have left its potential largely untapped.

An interrogation into most political office holders’ private lives signifies people of low self-esteem and self-worth hence their deficit mentality and lack of leadership prerequisites which is fueling under developments in Nigeria.

From issues of bad governance and corruption to ethnic tensions and economic disparities, Nigeria’s journey towards realizing its true political stature appears to be at a standstill.

The return of coups to the continent of Africa in recent times is a major concern and are traceable to the same issues bad leadership across the country especially the West Coast and the Sahel. Military coup is now spreading like wild fire due to leadership without conscience.

When coups happen, the first thing that usually occur is that the masses rejoice, hoping that the military with solid hierarchy would rescue the system and provide succor to the common man. But the experiences across Africa prove otherwise hence coup of any kind is condemnable no matter the motivation.

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As Kwankwaso navigates the turbulence of Nigerian politics, it becomes evident that the attempts to suspend him are merely a blip on his radar. His resilience in the face of challenges has further solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with, capable of weathering storms and emerging stronger than ever.

In a country like Nigeria where political fortunes can be fickle and power can be fleeting, Senator Kwankwaso’s story stands as a vivid reminder that the true measure of a leader is not the absence of setbacks, but the ability to rise above them.

How he handles the present crisis will only further his influence as he continues to inspire individuals across the nation who find strength in his story of resilience, determination, and the unyielding pursuit of a better Nigeria.

For now, the NNPP should put its house in order to brighten the chances of the party in the off-season elections in Kogi and other states.

Okoronkwo, a leadership and good governance advocate writes from Lagos and can be reached via [email protected]