• Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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It’s time to tap into the ME-Economy


Hello everyone! I promise that the viewpoint with AFO will be very captivating and that is precisely how it will be. The next couple of weeks will be centered on the words of wisdom from my 94+-year-old grandma. She is my confidant, illiterate but full of wisdom. Years ago, in my early days in business, I almost got her property taken over by the banks due to a business mistake.

Last week, I was complaining to her about the country’s tough economy: USD fluctuation, the fuel subsidy, and frustration everywhere. Her response is what our conversation for the next couple of weeks will be centred around. She had smiled and said in Ijebu dialect: “Afo omo mi, ma wo ariwo oja; shiko na ra re.” It means, “Ignore the noise of the market; focus on yourself… Nigeria’s economic challenge didn’t start today. She said if I didn’t believe her, I should go and listen to Kayode Fashola’s music of the early 70s where he sang about the austerity of that time. Despite the challenges then, many still succeeded, while those that focused on the noise of the market were left behind.

What my grandma was advocating was the ME-ECONOMY. Focusing on the ME-Economy amidst Nigeria’s economic challenges. Let’s direct our efforts towards the ME-Economy, where we have control. While Nigeria’s economy is under government’s purview, let’s choose to concentrate our energy on personal growth and success. Don’t let us be part of those waiting for the government to solve their problems. Ignoring the noise of an ailing economy, insecurity, and prevalent infrastructure gaps in Nigeria and centering on self-improvement, prioritizing learning new skills to stay relevant at work, exploring diverse income streams, and networking at conferences to seize better opportunities is the smart strategy to adopt at this time.

As a student, you should dedicate yourself to excelling in your studies and achieving remarkable grades. Inequality may be a constant in life, but you must be determined to be among those who thrive. Embrace each day as a fresh start, filled with positivity and growth. As a farmer, artisan, or trader, you must identify new needs, and think of new demands or product lines to expand your sales. While your competitors gossip about the bad economy and make excuses, focus on improving your technical know-how and customer service skills. Upsell your existing customers by introducing new products to them. Their trust in you is an advantage. To my civil servant friends, your life should not be dependent on the peanut you are earning. Time is a valuable asset and you have it. Utilize it to generate other streams of income and make yourself relevant. Opportunities find those who are intentionally positioned for them. Success doesn’t wait for the perfect economic conditions. It’s about learning new skills, exploring income opportunities, and networking for better prospects. Let’s embrace the power of self-improvement and thrive! Just like Aliko Dangote, who built a business empire amidst economic challenges, we too can rise above and thrive in the ME-Economy.

In the midst of Nigeria’s economic challenges, let’s choose to focus on the ME-Economy. While we can’t control the national economy, we have the power to shape our own success and growth. If Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala can excel in the 70’s and 80s despite all odds at that time, we also can. #MEconomy, #TakeControl, #MEEconomy.

Education is our ladder to success. As students, let’s aim for excellence, rising above inequality and achieving remarkable grades. Our future is shaped by our dedication to knowledge and growth. If Fela Durotoye can become an outstanding Nigerian motivational speaker, who excelled in his era, inspiring countless individuals to achieve their dreams, then we can. #EducationMatters, #StudentSuccess, #SuccessNigeria, #MEEconomy.

Embrace the obscure yet powerful words of life: Perseverance, Determination, and Resilience. In the ME-Economy, let’s seize each day as a new opportunity and build strong relationships with ourselves and others. Dr. Stella Adadevoh, a heroic Nigerian doctor, excelled by bravely combating the Ebola outbreak despite adversities. Let’s learn from such resilience and build our own success stories. #ThriveinAdversity, #SelfEmpowerment, #ME-Economy.

Amidst economic uncertainties, wise financial choices matter. Let’s avoid frivolous spending and focus on prudent saving and investments. Tony Elumelu of Heirs Holding made remarkable achievements in business during challenging times in the 90s. Let’s follow suit. #FinancialWisdom, #SmartSavings, #SuccessNigeria, #ME-Economy.

While we can’t control the national economy, we can take full charge of our decisions and actions. Whether it’s a good or bad economy, corrupt or prudent leaders, we can be determined to pursue our portion of success. Making the most of every hour. Don’t compromise quality time with family, friends, and loved ones, but everything should be done with moderation. Regular exercise, healthy eating, and a positive mindset are essential for our wellbeing. We should persevere and flourish in the ME-Economy!


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