• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Governor Otti’s nine-month scorecard (1)

Abia’s policies designed to support industries, attract new ones – Otti

The midterm test is conducted by almost every school. After few weeks of resumption, schools review their students’ progress through the midterm test. The report is often a signal to the students’ final performance.

After nine months in the saddle, Abians are reviewing Governor Alex Otti’s strides, evaluating his stewardship and passing judgment. The feedback is heartwarming, coming with a tinge of satisfaction and acceptance.

From the ordinary man on the street, the locals in the communities, traders, workers to the elite, the consensus is that it is sunset at dawn. Igbos say that you discern the day by the early signs of the morning. Abians could see a clear determination to conquer; a drive to succeed; and a meditated intention to change the course and navigate with a new compass. The statement, “Otti is doing well”, has become a popular cliche in town.

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The latest in the wave of endorsement and validation for good performance came from unusual quarters. The conference of former speakers of the Abia State House of Assembly, mostly from the opposition PDP, marched with the Governor on road inspection and expressed their satisfaction and also vouched their support.

After commissioning the historic Geometric Integrated Power Project, the first autonomous power plant in Nigeria which promises uninterrupted power supply to Aba and its environs, President Ahmed Tinubu, speaking through his Vice, Kashim Shettima, lent his voice to the chorus of commendation for excellent performance.

“Today in Aba, we saw testimony to good leadership. I saw the outpouring of emotions and love and support for Dr. Otti. Your Excellency, posterity will be very kind to you. Keep the flag flying. Keep up the good work. Abia is working. We are proud of what you have achieved within nine months,” declared President Tinubu.

From the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) in Abia, it has also been a vote of confidence and an endorsement of good performance. From the organised private sector across Nigeria, the diplomatic community and institutional investors, it has been an excellent grade in their evaluation of Governor Otti’s stewardship in the short period on the throne.
The Igbo apex socio-political organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has also registered their commendation over the early achievements of the Governor. To the pride of Abia, the world has converged on the popular consensus that Governor Otti has taken the bull by the horns. “Otti is doing well” is the new song in town.

There are today street lights on the streets of Aba and Umuahia. A deeper, spiritual interpretation is being accorded to the lights shining every night. Abians are interpreting it as being symbolic of the new “light” that has come to Abia, the new movement of change and rebirth, like the age of renaissance in the history of world civilization. They see Governor Otti as symbolizing light and renaissance.

When they see Julius Berger’s caterpillars and workers tackling the long abandoned Port Harcourt Road in Aba, they praise God for the light that has come to Abia State. When the inner-city dwellers of Omuma and Ndoki Roads of Aba hear the deafening noise of the bulldozers excavating and upturning their roads, the noise turns to a sound of joy and a reflection of light for the light that has come after many years of living in squalor on an impassable road. It is the same sound of joy and light in Umuahia as Abians experience the expansion into six lanes of Ossai Road, the major entrance into Umuahia. As Abians drive on the reconstructed old court Road, Umuimo road, Udeagbala, Jubilee, MCC/Express, Omoba road, et al, and feel the new breath of life, they remember it is a new light, a new life and they thank Governor Otti for ensuring that light comes to Abia.

When they hear the tale from Abia civil servants, that all civil servants, both local government workers, staff of the Agencies and parastatal and the MDAs, are receiving their salaries as and when due, they jubilate over the new light that has come to Abia. The civil servants are those fellows whose lamentations went far and near and who were promised to weep no more. Their tale of light is the joy that comes after many long nights of sorrow

It is certainly a new awakening. There is a silver lining on the skyline of Abia and the song in town is both a witness and an open vindication for the Labour Party. It is the people’s own little way of appreciating and encouraging progress. It is their open validation for Governor Otti’s initiatives in creating a new Nazareth where good things can sprout.

The people, by their open song of joy, are looking back in happiness of having been justified in their decision at the polls; of having been justified in giving their votes and mandate to the right man.

Indeed, The LIGHT is a step ahead in our journey and movement as a people. If you are thinking Abia First, if you are a true statesman dedicated to Duty and Country, you would appreciate the tale of the LIGHT as a giant leap for our dear state.

You will affirm the people’s song as a great milestone in our journey of statehood. If you accept that life is in a constant and ever rolling flux, and that the change that occurred in Abia is a historical necessity and a human expediency, then you will inevitably join in the song of joy: “Otti is doing well”.

This is a truism translated into a slang.
But, if you are still held back in the past, you would probably snigger at the good news as was the case with Plato’s cave dwellers, in the Allegory of the Cave. But, the light has come at the nick of time and we all shall be happy as it lightens all our paths.

Just after nine months, Governor Otti is flaunting an excellent scorecard. The song, Otti is doing well, is on everybody’s lips. This, I pray, should be an impetus to the king for greater heights. The world is at his feet and history beckons for the hall of fame.

Adindu, a Media/PR Consultant writes from Umuahia