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Dealing with issues of life

Dealing with issues of life

Life, most claim, is not balanced and this unfairness is presumably tagged with occurrences of uncertainty with various hard nuts to crack. Life portends puzzles with clues very hard to unravel; for many, the chances of proffering solutions become cumbersome and rigorous, so the essence of life is jeopardised.

The walks of life are seemingly distorted without appropriate destination, which create doubts and imminent upheavals. Definition of living determines the assessment threshold of your abundance.

The spate of scarcity is so evident in most individuals, if not all, when the proof of owning all you desire is queried. You may have wealth and not have full health. Yours might be long lived and yet your offspring might not be as fortunate as you are. What others envy in you might be what you would want to let go to have theirs. This exchange of insatiable quest for completeness is not just limited to this generation and will not end with us, so, be careful what you wish for.

Good life is graciously occasioned by good health, which however can’t be bought with affluence without proper management. An exclusive lifestyle void of challenges is almost abnormal since some stages of life come with adaptation. A good physical condition should be supported by an excellent mental condition, otherwise, the latter will frustrate the former.

Conscious and thorough attention to the principle of well-being will promote longevity. Abuse of good life may lead to a poor state of mind and may in no little time dissipate sanity.

Diseases are strange stealers of strength, frequently breaking the walls of defence to vigour. Various kinds of illnesses are discovered with various causes and effects, at least to undermine the progress of science and technology. Mankind is highly vulnerable to falling ill when hygiene is compromised. It becomes serious in developing countries where social infrastructures are expunged or not even in existence due negligence of the government. So, managing health conditions becomes excessively expensive.

The best way to avoid emergencies is to lead an intentional healthy life. Making appropriate visits to check your status in terms of ancestral deficiencies at the hospital with the professionals. Endeavour to take precautions where necessary: understand where the apex of your limits can stretch, take that break where necessary. There is a pattern that fits your well-being, that style, when strictly adhered to, may prolong your lifespan. Pushing beyond your limits may pose a risk to your longevity.

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Relationships with friends and families shouldn’t make you drift to sickly existence. Some friendships are ill and should be got rid of before it becomes detrimental eventually. As much as it is advisable to keep companies to avoid desolation and destitution, the boundaries are necessary to maintain self-reliance in no absolute dimension. When it is necessary and obligatory, share your predicaments but not with full dependence on the suggestions given as this may not come out well later in the future and you will be making excuses to blame others for the misfortune. In all of these, keep a healthy relationship with intuition that the outcome will be in your favour.

Tolerance, an attribute to accommodate others in their exacerbations without hard feelings, is a virtue worth considering. Setting your temper always on edge will always dampen your composure. Exchanging dissatisfaction amid unequal perspectives will require unwavering maturity which allows amicable resolutions. The moment the issues get unbearably touchy-feely, all attempts to maintain peace will become futile. Learn to take a walk without proving or justifying your views. Sullen persons won’t stop until the matter gets worse; avoid them at all costs.

Safe haven comes with contentment embroidered with godliness. Insomnia in most cases are triggered by worries that have infused the body with the venom of greed. Human wants are insatiable and should be considered as such. From all the lists of what to achieve and attain in life, delete frustration and desperation, this will help a lot. Create fun with the little in your pocket and beautify the picture of your dreams with a sense of modesty. The race to be equal with our contemporaries can’t be overlooked but will bring serious nemesis.

In the pages of life, a chapter can bring indifferent plots but the last page will determine the thoughts of the author if only the reader is patient enough to peruse.

Hasty form of attempt to cases in its early stage may deprive you of the details. When the nascent form of emergence is blurry, the picture may be clearer at blossom. Patience can’t be excessive if applied with high instinct to situations as they relate. The principles to apply in life had in time immemorial been in existence, just that discovery has not presented the opportunity to experience the efficiency.

Seeking a perfect fit for the entire items on your priority list is a wild goose chase, it will end in despair. Always look on the fair side of life to obtain maximum satisfaction of the received blessings. Choose your battle wisely as you may not have enough resources to combat the issues of life. The little available assets will be enough to record victory to engage in the next assignment ahead. Challenges won’t expire because you worry, it will disappear with your optimism in self-worth.

Fashakin, an educator, writes from Lagos