• Friday, July 19, 2024
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Anrinle Adekunle: Taking AACCI to greater heights


Partnerships, especially those driven by the moving mantras of purposefulness and pragmatism often breathe life into dormant dreams. The noble aim is to achieve the set vision, for positive impact on the beneficiaries on one hand and the society at large. And when it comes to the business landscape, such partnerships should encompass the key elements of trust, character and commitment enhanced by a symbiotic relationship.

That perhaps, explains the thought of Amit Ray, a popular Indian author who stated that: “Collaboration is the essence of life. The wind, bees, and flowers work together, to spread the pollen.” How apt that description could be. In fact, the attention-grabbing ‘Enterprise League’ an online portal with its Business Insight, insists that millions of successful companies have built strategic business partnerships to increase the value of their services and products whilst reducing their operational costs.

It is in the light of this assertion that we take a closer look at the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI) as a bilateral chamber of commerce well rooted in Africa and Asia continents. It was set up to promote the interests of its valued member’s businesses. That is while cooperatively working to establish an enabling environment and economic the climate for success in the business community in Asian and African countries. Good enough, the platform provides for profitable interaction between the African and Asian business communities to enhance trade and commerce in their respective countries.

As reflected in the introductory quote, Ahmed as the President of AACCI Nigeria Chapter wants to build on the profitable interaction between the African and Asian business communities to enhance trade and commerce. That would also encourage comparative advantages of the two continents, especially in making sure that Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) take great advantage of the chamber. He also wants to encourage and expose Nigerian youth to global opportunities in the critical areas of innovation, circular economy and human capital development.

Furthermore, it is important to understand the operational features of AACCI. According to Ahmed, it is the only chamber of its kind at the apex level to the existing bi-lateral chamber across the two continental regions. AACCI, with the support of its satellite offices across Asia and Africa and other member countries in Europe, America and Australia liaises with the local/bilateral chamber of commerce. The aim is to promote its members’ interests through collaborative programs and events organised globally.

All these are being done with the full support of the Chairman and founder Asian-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr. GD Singh, the Vice Chairman AACCI, Africa, High Prince Leye Babalola, Pharmacist Judith Udeh and Mr. Dayo Longe. Other notable members moving the AACCI forward include Mr. Levi Uzochukwu, Mr. Ayo Omotoso, Chairman, Tourism Committee, Asian African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nigeria Chapter and Prince Seyi Abiodun among others.

As a member of AACCI, one can access the world of vast opportunities, spanning the economic landscape from networking with the corporate majors of Asian-African Diaspora and global industry to assisting in framing economic and industrial policies. That would be made possible through close linkage with the government. Apart from networking opportunities, including that with Indian and Global Corporate Majors, members have access to needed linkages to get an insight into government policies and their impact on businesses. With all that, the platforms to enhance your business and develop newer markets are made available.

In addition to that, AACCI’s proactive approach focuses on helping members to increase efficiency and competitiveness. One gets up-to-date knowledge on the global business dynamics and trends that affect your business. There is also enlightenment on industry best practices on competitiveness to improve internal efficiency and productivity. Eventually, members get to share their best practices with others as such would help enhance competitiveness of between Asian and African Industries.

That reminds us of the words of Sarah MacLean, New York Times bestselling author who rightly stated that: “The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a more common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.”

Lest we forget, the AACCI Foundation is registered in the state of Delaware, USA as a private, non-stock corporation to act as a trade and business promoting chamber. This corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, religious or educational purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Besides all these, members have to key into the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the golden opportunity to give back to society. Amongst the recent events that have showcased AACCI’s impact on the business activities was the one held in Lagos Nigeria, in the month of January 2023 and that on 2nd September 2023 at Pune in India. Other events that are still to be held before the end of the year include that on 25th September 2023 in New Delhi, India and in Ethiopia, from 21st to 23rd November 2023.

Going forward, the Ahmed-led AACCI needs to leverage on the Tinubu-led administration’s strategy for business inclusiveness with the olive branch offered to some other countries during the recent G-20 Summit in India for foreign investment. It should also partner with the local government councils to identify SMEs that are really in need of financial support, equipment and training for AACCI’s intervention. This of course, should be done based on credible database and sustained by close interaction with the beneficiaries. The full impact will be felt, as Ryonosoke Satoro, an entrepreneur rightly noted that: “Individually we’re one drop, but together we’re an ocean.”

Quote: “As the President of AACCI Nigeria Chapter, I want to build on the profitable interaction between the African and Asian business communities to enhance trade and commerce. The aim is to encourage comparative advantages of the two continents, especially in making sure that we encourage Small and Medium Enterprises to take great advantage of our chamber.”

-Arinle Ahmed (President, AACCI, Nigeria Chapter)