• Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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A new dawn for Kebbi: Where ‘Renewed Hope’ takes root

Kebbi governor urges chief judge to decongest prisons

The wind whispered a promise of change through the bustling markets of Kebbi. A new governor, Comrade Dr Nasir Idris, had taken the helm, his eyes set on a future brimming with possibility. His voice, firm yet laced with an unwavering commitment, echoed through the inauguration ceremony: “We shall work for the people, without discrimination.”

Governor Nasir Idris is not one for idle pronouncements. He hit the ground running, giving his administration a whirlwind of action. Roads, the lifelines of commerce and connection, were to be meticulously constructed, weaving a web that would unite urban centres with rural havens. Education, the seedbed of progress, began revitalization with a renewed focus on empowering teachers, the architects of young minds.

But Kebbi’s ambitions soared beyond its borders. Governor Nasir Idris, a man with a keen eye for opportunity, embarked on a mission to transform Kebbi into a magnet for investment. Infrastructure projects, the backbone of a thriving economy, are meticulously planned, each one a brick laid on the path to a brighter tomorrow. His resolve is unwavering: “We shall open up the state for investments… to impact lives.”

This is not just about cold, hard numbers. It is about creating a fertile ground where dreams can take root. The governor, a champion of accountability, has ensured that transparency is in every contract. No longer would progress be held hostage by inefficiency or self-interest. “Timely execution of government contracts must not be compromised,” he declared his words a clarion call for a new era of integrity.

But Kebbi’s heart belongs to its land, a vast expanse teeming with agricultural potential. He envisions a future where Kebbi’s farmers would not just till the soil; they would become cultivators of prosperity. A groundbreaking initiative has seen farmers receive free petroleum products, the fuel for their endeavours. Farm implements—the tools that transform sweat into bounty—are readily available. This is not charity; it is an investment in the future, a future where Kebbi’s fields would overflow not just with crops but with hope.

Governor Nasir Idris’ vision extends far beyond the material. He understands that a community thrives when all its members flourish.

His wife, Hajiya Zainab Nasare Nasir Idris, has emerged as a pillar of strength, and her NASARA Foundation is a beacon of hope for women, girls, and the people of Kebbi. Skill development programmes have bloomed, empowering women to not just survive but to thrive. Medical outreaches have brought healing to the most vulnerable, while educational support programmes ignite a thirst for knowledge.

Hajiya Zainab’s dedication is not confined to the walls of the foundation. Her unwavering commitment to inclusivity resonates throughout Kebbi. She champions the cause of the marginalised, ensuring that every voice is heard and every dream is nurtured. Her tireless efforts earned her the prestigious title of Gwaggon Mungadi, a testament to the impact she has woven into the very fabric of Kebbi.

The foundation has given succour to many homes and families, and it does not look like it is waning anytime soon. In Aliero, Koko/Besse, and Kalgo Local Government Areas, Hajiya Zainab has distributed food items and clothes to 300 orphans, along with cash empowerment to 200 widows of those local governments, as recently as during the Ramadan season.

She took it further to the Takalau Area of Birnin Kebbi Local Government, where cash and food items were distributed to 500 elderly women. With inclusivity as a watchword, Hajiya Zainab’s humanitarian strides would also extend to 2000 women from Fakai, Sakaba, Danko Wasagu, and Zuru Local Government Areas who got food items and cash donations of 50 thousand naira each.

It came as no surprise then that Kebbi State was chosen to host a programme that mirrors the very essence of its transformation—the Northwest Geopolitical Zone of the Renewed Hope Initiative Women Agricultural Support Programme—by the First Lady of the Federation, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, with the goal of bringing individuals out of poverty, educating them, and guiding them towards a better life for their families by encouraging women in the state to be fully engaged in rural agriculture.

Twenty beneficiaries from each state were penned to receive cash support of 10 million naira per state by Mrs Tinubu, with each benefiting female farmer receiving five hundred thousand naira as a deliberate effort to stimulate women’s participation in agriculture and food security, besides poultry and fish farming, while Hajiya Zainab donated solar-powered water pumps to each of the benefiting women farmers from the zone to boost their yields in support of Senator Oluremi Tinubu.