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A happy home is realistic

happy home

Tope was awakened by her husband’s singing. She couldn’t stop smiling. He hugged her from behind for a few minutes and prayed for her before dashing to the bathroom. It was their fifth wedding anniversary. She couldn’t help but reflect on how far they had come. She knew she wasn’t just lucky, but had experienced God’s mercy and faithfulness. She has had quite a number of failed relationships. At one point, she believed marriage was not in the cards for her. Because how can you explain that after she turned 35, no one was proposing?

She began reminiscing about how she met her husband, Chris. It was 8:30 a.m. in the morning. She had told her store manager that she wouldn’t be coming early as she would be having a meeting with one of her clients. Her car had refused to start, and her appointment was for 9:30 am. Anyone who knows her can vouch that she gets to her appointment quite early. She always wants to make a good impression. She quickly remembered that she had a bolt app but her network connection was acting up. “Can all this be happening today of all days?” She thought.

She quickly pulled off her heels and changed to her flats. She grabbed her bag and headed for the bus stop. She noticed it began drizzling. While she waited for a taxi to drive by, a private car stopped. The driver wound down the glass and asked her to hop in as the drizzling began to become heavy. At first, she eyed him. But she pinched herself because he may not have meant any harm, nevertheless, she had heard stories. Was this not how Bukky, her friend’s cousin, hopped into a car and was taken to an unknown destination? It took three million naira to free her from the hands of those who had kidnapped her. But this rain is threatening to become heavier and she hates holding extra items when she is not driving.

She was already carrying her shoes in a bag. She had observed the weather and thought she would get a taxi as soon as she arrived at the bus stop. But that day, taxis were scarce and a stranger seemed to be the one that screeched to a halt. Looking at her wristwatch, it was 9:20 am already, and it will take another 40 minutes to get to her destination if there is no hold-up. Her heart skipped a beat when she thought of her client arriving for the meeting before her. Arriving late is not her custom, and she didn’t want to create such a bad impression of being late. This business meeting will be a huge breakthrough in her business if she is able to close the deal.

At this point, the driver of the car was contemplating driving off. He understands if she refuses to enter. He carries people along the way every morning on his way to work, and today is no different. He was about to change his mind when she hopped in, and the rest, they say, is history. The man whose car she entered became her husband. Chris told her how he was about to drive off that day after they began dating. After all the hiccups she experienced that day, she now understands how disappointments can work out for one’s good. But what if he had been a kidnapper? She actually took a risk that day. She wouldn’t advise anyone to do that. She thought to herself.

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The early years of marriage were tough. Chris’s elder sister made life difficult for her. His mom died when he was a teenager. His elder sister, ten years older than him, had taken care of Chris and his younger sister. His elder sister was like her mother-in-law. Tope couldn’t have a child for the first three years of marriage, and Chris’s elder sister added to her misery. Chris was so reassuring all the time. He had told her that because the elder sister was not married, she wouldn’t know how to be emphatic. It turned out to be true. As soon as Chris’ elder sister got married and relocated to Ireland to be with her husband, peace flooded her life. That was when she became pregnant and gave birth to twin beautiful girls.

They are a year and eight months old now, and she can’t believe she is a mother. Her husband is the calmest person she has ever known. He was unperturbed by the fertility challenges they went through. He had an unusual faith and also comforted her when his elder sister was giving her a tough time. She let out a heavy sigh tinted with relief and joy as her husband’s singing voice reechoed from the bathroom. She is so thankful to God.