• Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Lagos poll a sham, setback for Nigeria’s democracy – Bode George


Olabode George, a former deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has described the governorship and House of Assembly elections held in Lagos State as a sham and a setback for democracy in Nigeria.

In a statement issued on Sunday, George faulted the conduct of th polls, stating that it is a disgrace to Nigeria as a country.

He expressed his disappointment and anguish, saying, as a Lagosian, he feel so shattered, heartbroken that Nigeria’s democracy is now in shambles.

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George, who is almost 80 years old, further added that he had never witnessed such a despicable and dishonourable way of not allowing people to express their right to elect whomever they want.

He decried the conduct of the polls in some areas, stating that it was completely shambolic.

According to him, “What is going on? It is disheartening that Lagos State, the bastion of civility, humility, decorum, harmony, and respect for the rule of law was, on Saturday, turned to a den of lunatics during the Governorship and House of Assembly elections.”

He also accused some powerful individuals of turning everything upside down in their quest to retain power at all costs in the state, stating that their actions would have angered the Aworis and other forefathers who founded Lagos.

He condemned the bastardization of culture and tradition, noting that it was appalling to see some ‘Oro’ worshippers invoking spiritual insults on other Nigerians in broad daylight.

George, further expressed his disappointment that while other states conducted their elections smoothly and democratically without violence, Lagos State’s election was marred by violence, ballot box snatching, and burning.

He questioned the withdrawal of soldiers during the governorship and House of Assembly elections, asking if their absence was to ensure that thugs had a field day.

He called for civility in the approach to constitutional democracy, expressing his dissatisfaction with the state of affairs

“Many potential voters returned home in anger without voting. The burning of ballot boxes and papers, and the use of dangerous weapons by thugs to intimidate voters.

“A couple was turned back from a polling unit by APC thugs because they looked like Igbo, even though they were full-blooded Yoruba,” George added.