• Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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I cannot just help but be baffled at the honor, celebration and respect given to education. This would not have left me in great awe if the purpose for education is truly being achieved.
But deep down in my heart I know the hopelessness, forlornness, and uselessness of education as it is being portrayed. Many are going to be disappointed, disillusioned and made incapable of achieving their God-given purpose in life.
It is still baffling to me why we should ever talk about unemployment. The whole idea of it is unfathomable! You look at both men and women with great potentials wasting away, their great potentials untapped. All of this is because a system was beautifully crafted to deny them access to the greatness that resides in them.
I watched a group of people from my car in their twenties and thirties attending lectures for various courses and I wondered how many of them would actually make a living from the courses they studied.
Many of the students do not have a good educational foundation and would likely end up buying their grades and finally the certificate. At the end of the programme it would just be a glorified certificate with very little knowledge acquired if there is any.
A number of these students would have outgrown 30 years of age on graduation and so would no longer be mandated to participate in the National Youth Service Programme. Most of them would no longer qualify for entry level jobs in most of the private and public firms. Very few would get jobs. Even some of those that get the jobs may not make significant progress in their career because they were not well educated.
So what becomes of the majority that did not pass the exams and do not have enough money to bribe lecturers or sell their body? They are dumped and considered as the reject of the society, an end uncalled for. What a painful conclusion!
Why? Why? Why? Why is everybody going in the same direction? Don’t they know that the effort they are putting into this path that has to be charted for them leads to nowhere? Don’t they understand that the system as it is can only make them laborers? People that would serve others the rest of their lives?
If ever anything is going to happen that will change the course of life of any individual, the purpose of life must first of all be discovered. If this is not clear to us there would always be abuses.
What life represents can be seen in the vastness of what life carries or exhibits. Human beings are extensions of life and so inside everyone lies vast hidden potentials for expression.
You can imagine if every effort is made to unearth the gem (potential) that is resident inside each one of us, instead of being made to go through stale path of our educational system. You can imagine the excitement and joy on the faces of everyone that has their potential uncovered.
I believe strongly that there should be another type of setting where people’s potentials are mined and released. There should be deliberate effort to nurture and grow such an institution.
With this in place, you will realize many would be job creators instead of job seekers, business owners instead of factory workers, home owners instead of gate-keepers.
A drastic measure must be put in place to make this a reality. You and I are being counted on by God in helping men and women fulfil their destiny on earth. But if we don’t recognize the ills that this already portray we can never be of help to our generation.
It is recognition that brings about dissatisfaction which eventually leads to revolution that brings real and meaningful CHANGE.
Remain blessed.